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Beyond Defeat is a World of Warcraft PVP Guild on the Dragonmaw server in Battlegroup Reckoning. Beyond Defeat is widely recognized as the most active Horde twink guild on Dragonmaw, with a the majority of its player base in the Level 20-29 Bracket.

Members of this guild enjoy a relaxed environment backed by a large user help-base in game and a variety of proven and established tactics. Beyond Defeat equips all of our members with the best knowledge and gear, and members are always open to help otherguild mates.

With no formally scheduled playtimes, and a geographically and demographically diverse player-base, it is rare to log on at any time without seeing a group of other level 29 players willing to play Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Arena skirmishes. Other guilds are also encouraged to contact Beyond Defeat via the website to schedule duels, BG matchups, or Arena groups.

Guild managementEdit

Active officers are:

  • Pigsticker / Nosferatos / Wyzan - Guild master
  • Gnomeswatter / Jullizzy / Gumprunner
  • Tkmuffinman
  • Maximuss
  • Fleckso / Coylette
  • Redder / Reed / Redfoo

Contacting Beyond DefeatEdit

Please visit the website or contact an officer listed above in-game for recruitment or challenges.

External linksEdit

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