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Bazaar Rose is a family oriented guild that focuses on 10-man raid progression and PvP. This guild understands that real life comes first, and supports its members accordingly.

This guild was formed on Smolderthorn US and recently moved to Emerald Dream US. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and is currently recruiting people for end game raiding and PvP. You can visit the guild website here[1]. For more information you can contact Wharf, Wishhammer, or Vancocin in game.

Guild Progression Edit

History Edit

Bazaar Rose was born 7 years ago on Smolderthorn, Dorian was the GM at time, 5 years ago he passed it on to play on another realm to Wharf. This guild has always been and will be a family guild, a place where children as well as adults can play. And like all families we have had our share of drama, however the guild has always come though stronger at the end.

We have gained many members over the years as well as lost many to other realms and guilds. But a few have left there mark on the guild.....

Stumpy : He coined the phrase "Mess with the Rose and you get the thorns." When you needed help in leveling or if you were being ganked by horde his hand was always the first one out there. And if you messed up and did something to dishonor the guild he was also the first tell you so and to your face. If you notice in forums there is a forum named "Stummpy Corner" in honor of him. He past away in his sleep a few years ago.

Tanna : She was the mother of the guild, She would always have a hello for anyone and if you were lucky enough a hug also. Even though she is not with the guild any longer her legacy lives on within the guild, As all good mothers do she coined this phrase in the guild "I will show you where to get the answers you need, but I won't do it for you." (Tanna is now on Korgath)

Crantier : He was the Raid Leader of the guild for a good amount of its life. He had more patience and dedication to the raids then most. His dedication has been missed. ( Crantier is now playing Star Wars)

Magignome : Crantier's wife, who had an addiction to pets and mounts, but always was there to help where she could. (Magignome is now playing Star Wars with her husband)

Bazaar Rose was still one of the alliance's largest guilds on Smolderthorn before our move to Emerald Dream server. Our GM Wharf decided that it was in the best interest of the guild to move to a more active server. The guild has a new life and new memories to make on Emerald Dream.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Saturdays @ 8pm Server Time.

Guild rules Edit

Guild Rank and Guild repair is as follows:

Recruits - 5 gold per day : This is the Rank we give all new people that join the guild. There is a 2 week adjustment period for the guild and for the new person to make sure we are a good fit.

Footman - 10 gold per day: After completing the adjustment period, you will be raised to Footman.

Squires - 35 gold per day: Up to level 69 Characters.

Knights - 50 gold per day: Level 70-89 Characters.

Guardians - 100 gold per day: Level 90 Characters that have no interest in raiding or PvP. You have access to the first 6 tab of the guild bank.

Co Captains- 150 gold per day: Level 90 Characters that actively raid and do PvP for the guild.

Officers- 150 gold per day: Selected by the GM and other officers based on their guild contributions, such as helping others, being on time for guild events and their knowledge of their class.

Advancing in Rank:

Rank advancement is based on how involved a person is within the guild. Examples of this would be someone that always helps others for no gain of their own. Someone that shares their knowledge of the game or their class with other guild members. Someone that is always putting mats in the guild bank or running low-level guild members through dungeons. Someone that likes to talk in guild chat and that is friendly to anyone, or someone coming up with good ideas that improve the guild. Things like the aforementioned examples will get you noticed and make everyone's playing experience better.

Bazaar Rose Guild Bank is designed for level 80 and above players with the exception of glyphs. All tabs are marked and should only have items that coincide with their tabs as follows;

Tab 1 : LK lvl 80 - Armor, Weapons, Ore, Buff Food, Flask, Potions, Herbs,Pets

Tab 2 : Cat lvl 85 - Armor, Weapons, Ore, Buff Food, Flask, Potions, Herbs,Pets

Tab 3 : Glyphs (Only)

Tab 4 : MOP lvl 85 thru lvl 89 - Armor, Weapons, Ore, Buff Food, Flask, Potions, Herbs,Pets

Tab 5 : MOP lvl 90 - Armor, Weapons, Ore, Buff Food, Flask, Potions, Herbs,Pets

Tab 6 : MOP lvl 90 - Armor, Weapons, Ore, Buff Food, Flask, Potions, Herbs,Pets

Tab 7 : Officers and above only. This is where Rare items, Raid buff food and flask and potions are kept .

New Recruits have no access to the guild bank nor can they ask a member that does to get them something from the guild bank till their adjustment period is ended.

Members can gain limited access after their 15 day adjustment period ends. Their access will improve as they climb in rank.

If a low ranking member who has access to the guild bank desires a item on a tab higher then they have access to, they can ask a officer to retrieve said item or items if they can actually use the item on one one of there alts in the guild.

If a member withdraws an item from the guild bank they are required to replace said item with another or others items (more or less) equal value, or what they believe is a reasonable amount of gold for the item. (Note*, the guild is not expecting auction price values for items, if you decide to put in gold, put in what you actually believe is a fair price for it. (Rare items will be dicussed later in this Announcement) And yes the Bank Trusties and Officers and Guild Master do continually check the guild bank logs.

For Members that abuse the guild bank system by continuously withdrawing items without putting anything in to replace what they have withdrawn or a fair price in gold their privileges will be taken away on all their characters until restitution is made.

If a member obtains items from the guild bank and sells them on the auction house for their own personal gains, it's considered theft from the guild and the member will be kicked from the guild, as well as all their alts. They will also be reported to Blizzard for theft.

Rare items will cost a member 2500 gold to purchase the item, unless it is presently lower on the AH , then it would be half the sell out price on the Ah. The Member will need to show that he can use the item on his main or alts within the guild.

Raid and PvP rules:

Before I explain the Restructuring of Raids and PvP Events, I would like to tell you what will not change for Raids and PvP Events. Many guilds have a point system for their raids to protect people that are part of their core group, making it hard for new raiders to get the gear they need. Bazaar Rose has never agreed with this, since we believe that the boss would never have been beaten if it wasn't for the collective effort of everyone in the raid group at that time. Therefore if you are in the Raid you have every right to roll on an item if you need it for your Main spec, and if no one does then it is rolled on for off spec.

Also if you come to raid with us you are expected to be prepared with your own buff food and flask, have all your enchants and gems, and to have watched the fight videos on youtube. Finally we don't single out individuals for mistakes in raids nor do we swear or humiliate them. Remember a mistake is only a mistake unless we learn from it and we have all made them. If you have ideas in a raid as always whisper the raid leader with it they are always open to suggestions. The Raid Leader is the law (No one out ranks him during a raid) try to take over the raid and you will find yourself out of it, its that simple.

Now on to the new Restructuring of Raids and PvP:

In the past Bazaar Rose has always have given guild ranks, money for guild repairs on a daily bases, Raiders and PvP members, would get more but it was still a low amount. Problem with this was after people were promoted to the rank and they lost interest in raiding or participating in PvP, they still had the rank to get the guild repairs. Also people with this rank were showing up for raids unprepared or worst yet, ignoring the invites or signing up for them and never sending an in-game mail stating why they didn't show up. To change this we have reconstructed Raids and PvP in the following ways:

The rank of Co Captain has now replaced the ranks of Royal Raiders and Royal PVP'ers with a daily guild bank repair of 150g. However to obtain and hold the following guild bank repair you must meet the following requirements:

1) When signing up for a Raid or PvP have the correct gear, gems, enchants on everything and buff food and flask ready as well as watch fight videos.

2) Be on the game 15 minutes prior to raid or PvP event on the character you have signed up with.

3) 15 minutes prior to raid the Raid Leader will select who will go in the raid based on what we need for the fight.

4) If you sign up for the raid and cannot make it you have 24 hours to send a in-game mail to the raid leader explain why you could not make it, two such emails in two weeks will make you lose your Co Captian status until you again join a raid. You will also be demoted to Guardian status with bank repairs for that rank.

5) If you sign up for the raid and you are on during raid time and are ready to go yet aren't chosen for the raid you will be put on stand-by, this will entitle you to keep you rank and your guild repair of 150g a day.

6) If you fail to send an in-game mail, or fail to acknowledge the invite, showed up unprepared for the raid, or are not ready 15 minutes prior to the raid you will lose you ranking for that week and demoted to the rank of Guardian.

Officers Edit

Wharf, Guildmaster
Wishhammer, Co-Guildmaster
Vancocin, Co-Guildmaster
Dkkyller, Raid Leader
Catherinne, PvP Leader

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