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Bastion of Sanity

Name: Bastion of Sanity

Faction: Alliance

Guild creation: July 9, 2005

Style: Extreme (There is no such thing as out of character.)

Contacts for recruitment: Jeaka, Feorielyse, Lyrren, Rhivek, Naught, Xoandir and Mograthna.

The Bastion of Sanity was created as a refuge from the jostling, gibbering madness that afflicts so much of the Azeroth we know. Our members seek true immersion in our world, and a strong community of like-minded individuals. We seek to encourage one another to remain free of Madness, and to share with one another the joys of a sane life consistent with the history and cultures of Azeroth and Outland. We demonstrate our way to all who encounter us, showing others that sanity is both possible and enjoyable.


Lady Defiant of the Bastion of Sanity

Use the following sigil [1] for more information.

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