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Neutral 32 The Baruan Empire Edit

The Baruan Empire is a heavy roleplaying guild centered around global conquest and expansion. It has plans to go RPPvP in the future but it requires new members. For more information visit It is NOT an Alliance allied guild. It is equally hostile to both factions. Roleplay consists of fighting Alliance Guilds and spreading their territory. There are also secretive missions carried out by Masterminds to subvert Alliance and Horde doings. Civilians also can live out their lives in recently conquered towns or farms. We are trying to create a Realm-wide RP arc where we try to conquer the world of Azeroth.

To Apply Edit


Location Edit

The Baruan Empire is located on an unknown archipelago of islands 200 leagues west of Gilneas. Baruan invasion forces can be found in Westfall, Hillsbrad, Durotar, The Northern Barrens while sleeper agents can be found within the ranks and peoples of the kingdoms of Ironforge and Stormwind.

Annals of Barua Edit

Barua was initially a territory and colony of Gilneas discovered after they seceded from the Alliance of Lordaeron. Kul Tiras also showed great interest in the archipelago that Gilneas had discovered and the "Private War" as it was christened began. The resources were bountiful for both sides and for years they fought until Kul Tiras was defeated and Gilneas solidified its holdings. Gilneas sent Galician Greystone to run the colony as a Viceroy. When the Worgen Curse and civil war broke out in Gilneas, Greystone cut all ties to Gilneas and formed the nation of Barua. Years passed as Barua watched the world change around them, when the Scourge fell to the Argent Crusade and the Cataclysm struck, Galician decided to spread his formidable reach out from his Archipelago. With both the Horde and the Alliance distracted with each other and the return of Deathwing, the world is ripe for a single ruler to unite them all and bring the planet into a perfect era.

Officer Ranks Edit

Emperor- The Ruler of all Barua and its territories, his complete power can be seen everywhere. He holds little respect for enemies and has no qualms of murdering hundreds of civilians to get to the enemy leader.

Admiral- These battle-hardened sailors have risen to the very top. Admirals are only appointed once they've proven their ability to crush their own allies and friends. ( In order to be appointed Admiral you must be Level 60 and must have beaten 15 other Guild Members in a Cannonball Duel. A Cannonball Duel is won by defeating your opponent using only the Cannonball Runner and a ranged attack. Hunters cannot use their special attacks beyond the regular auto shot.) There are only three Admirals active at any one time. They share the same amount of power as the Generals.

General- These Lords of the Battlefield are the top Military advisers to the Emperor. Like the Admirals, they have fought their way to earn the position. (The process to gain the General rank is to defeat 20 other Soldiers of the Captains rank. [ -> See, Soldiers]) There can only be three Generals Active at any one time. They share the same amount of power as the Admirals.

Career Pathways Edit

Apart from the official rank titles there are also different careers or personalities that members can be. These are not enforced, merely suggested. The subclasses also can help new roleplayers choose a premade personality if they are having trouble coming up with one of their own.

Upper City- The nobles, rich merchants, and gentry of Barua are classed in this rank. Usually snobs or boastful prats, these individuals are immensely rich and like to prove it to each other with extravagant parties and events. Among this class however, lie other individuals, cunning, sneaky Masterminds and greedy competitive Trade Lords. -Subclasses found in this rank

       -Self-serving Noble
       -Trade Lord

Governor- The rulers that govern the various Baruan settlements outside of Barua Capital City. Among these rulers are the Governors of the ports, the Slavemasters of the Labor Camps throughout Baruan territories, Magistrates of the towns throughout the land of Barua and the Lower and Upper City Magistrates, (only one of each for Lower and Upper city posts.). -Subclasses found in this rank

       -Port Governor
       -Lower/Upper City Magistrate

Elite Soldier- Highly trained forces in the Grand Army and Imperial fleet, these soldiers are the best in Barua. Some, terrifying criminals trained into powerful machines of war. For the Army, the Brutes, Reapers and the Golem. The Navy units are the Marine, Privateer and Shark. Many of these soldiers take sadistic pleasure in the destruction they cause, their strength on the field cowing the might of the other more humane armies they face. -Subclasses found in this rank

       Grand Army
       Imperial Fleet

Soldier- These are the regular forces of Barua, the common soldiers that march across the landscape bringing doom wherever they go. The Grand Army has several units in this class, the Footman, Rifleman, Siege-man, Knight, and the Battalion Captain. The Imperial Navy has the Sailor, the Marksman, the Cannoneer, Lookout and Ship Captain. All these men and women undergo a long and arduous boot-camp, mental training, and a general education. The Eldest son of each family must serve in the Grand Army for 15 years before they can return to home. If a soldier dies, the Empire usually views the fallen soldiers as either valiant heroes or unworthy cretins who did not deserve to have children as they would have been weak. The soldiers who end their campaigning are encouraged to start a family or return to the Army and seek promotion. Those who show unmatched skills are usually forced to remain in the army, even if they don't realize it. Through means of subtle mind control from the magic practitioners they are encouraged to remain in the army, forgetting what dreams they may have aspired to before, if any. A large number of Soldiers come from Lower City, as a means of escape from the poor, impoverished life led in the gloomy streets of Lower City. -Subclasses found in this rank

       Grand Army
       -Battalion Captain
       Imperial Fleet
       -Ship Captain

Lower City- The poor, impoverished people of the Capital City of Barua. These people live in government houses, are subject to high taxes and only have very low paying jobs available to them. They are seen as dirt by Upper City, and are not allowed into Upper City. They have few options in life, join the Army, work in the Factories for next to nothing, or run the shops in Lower City. Very few if any ever rise from this caste, if you're born in Lower City, you're doomed to a life menial labor unless you join the army. The class divide in Barua City is so wide that no middle class exists, only the very rich and the very poor. The Lower City citizens are so downtrodden and depressed, they don't even think of uprising, as the soldiers would kill them with even the smallest evidence. Among these people are the Beggars, the Factory Workers, the Shopkeeps, the Street Fighters and Gang Members, although gangs do exist the majority of them are underlings of Masterminds, rivalry between mastermind factions usually exist here and night-fights are popular. No real crime exists here besides the occasional attempt at freedom by desperate Lower citizens, and those are usually thrown into prison or the Coliseum where the Upper and Lower City people watch the criminals and enemies of Barua fight to the death or their executions. -Subclasses found in this rank

       -Factory Worker
       -Street Fighter
       -Gang Member
       -Lower City Citizen

Civilian- The Middle class of Barua, ONLY exists outside of Barua City. These individuals lead perhaps the most normal lives of all Baruans. They work in the towns in the countryside of Barua, they're the Farmers, the Miners, the Tradesmen, the Fishermen, the Lumberjacks and the Townsfolk. they are usually neither rich nor poor, though once in a while they can go either way. They live in the various towns on the Baruan Isles. Ore Island civilians usually are miners or Fishermen, Tol' Tiras is a Trade Center, Talas a heavily forested region, Eastbreak Island is where granite and building materials are gathered from the rocky, windswept island. Many opportunities exist for this class as they can become soldiers or nobles, poor or merchants. This class heavily supports the Empire, those who go into debt are usually thrown into Labor Camps or sent to Lower City, most prefer the Camps to work off their debts. -Subclasses in this rank


Laborer- The lowest and least standing class in Barua. These are the debtors, the Prisoners of War, the enslaved peoples and indentured servants of Barua. They work the Labor Camps, they work the plantations, they mine the minerals, these are the lowest of the low. Paid nothing at all, they are forced to live in the housing provided by the government. They work until they are freed in the case of Indentured servants, or have paid off their dues, in the case of Debtors, Prisoners of War are almost in the same caste as Enslaved Peoples, as they'll be freed from servitude once the Camp itself is freed or they join the Baruan Empire, even then few of these will escape the grip of Barua. -Subclasses in this rank

       -Indentured Servant
       -Prisoner of War
       -Enslaved Peoples


If you need anymore information, feel free to mail Galician on Moon Guard US!

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