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Bare Foot Gang is a very fun and relaxed Alliance guild. From Teamchina's "It changed my life" quotes to Lyric's threats to /gkick, all sorts of characters can be found in BFG. This guild is a good guild to be in if you want a guild that isn't very demanding. BFG asks nothing from most of its players, simply because if the leaders want to have a guild event happen, there is usually enough volunteers to make it happen.

BFG is both a PvE and PvP guild. From its dedicated players, Amarolyn/ Anthrax/ Cerinity/ Earendil( and many others I can't think of at the moment) etc. etc.. there is a wide variety of activities and goals within the guild. Some BFG members can usually be found PvP'ing with the Nathrezim team, while some members are usually in raids or leveling ALTs to add more available class variety to the guild. .

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Ultima Online. It is dedicated towards fun, and we only recruit people who arent rude.

Recruitment Edit

As of now we will only be accepting apps for:

  • all classes

To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Tuckerby, Gnutcase, Rizo, Lyric, in game.

Guild Creed Edit

To all members, friends, enemies, relations, neighbors of, and any other party of people or individuals in existence, in, for, against, around, next to, beside, under, or not even close to BFG: This is a message to clarify who and what the Bare Foot Gang [BFG] stands for.

  • BFG is a guild of friends who enjoy playing games together.
  • We are not here to take sides in conflicts, we remain neutral in all conflict. We have friends in many guilds. We have enemies in many guilds.
  • BFG does not make any agreement with any other guild, Formally or Informally to ally, to protect, to Kill On Sight, to work for, to be hired by, to be at war with, to clean your house, to walk your dog, or any other gaming or non-gaming activity.
  • If BFG is called in to help you defend your event, help you complete an instance or a quest, we do it on an individual, incident by incident basis.
  • If a BFG member calls you and your friends in to defend one of our guild events it no way implys that the whole of BFG likes you or your guild. It does, however, mean that for that incident we will do our best to work with you to continue to defend the event, complete the instance, kill the boss, etc.
  • BFG does not and will never suck up to any guild for any reason. If we are nice to a person or guild it is because we are nice, or they were nice to us, or we have friends in that guild, or their guild consists of firemen, or we feel like being nice, or they are employeed by BFG, or they are slaves to BFG, or they have big watermelons, or just to upset you (personally, or your entire guild), or any other reason or idea gaming or non-gaming related

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Lyric and a group of friends. After growing to a considerable size they started attempting Karazhan

Weekly Schedule Edit

  • Fri-Sun, 8:00 PM Server - KarazhanX2
  • Monday night arena night
  • Quarterly Guild PvP Leadership tournament (Note: anyone tough enough to take Huri's job, start practicing...)

Guild Rules Edit

  • Have fun.
  • You will need to download vent if you don’t have it already
  • We will need to see you posting on our forums so it shows you are willing and able to use them
  • G channel is not the trade channel so WTS will in /g will get a /gkick. giving away things in /g is fine

Officers Edit

Rizo, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for adminship and advice on how to best use your fuzzy kittens in pictorial exploitation.
Lyric, Queen 
OooOOoooOo I sell Avon
Dethar, King 
Firewolf, King
Gnutcase, Organizer 
Caution keep away from on Wednesday
Sque, Lord
Tuckerby, Lord

Class Leaders Edit

Empty, Druid Leader  
Contact Rizo to apply for this position
Empty, Shaman Leader  
Contact Rizo to apply for this position
Vultee, Hunter Leader  
Gnastie, Mage Leader  
Bael, Paladin Leader  
TeamChina, Priest Leader  
he doesn't have spirit but he believes enough for everyone
Sque, Rogue Leader  
Vetter, Warrior Leader  
Empty, Warlock Leader  
Contact Rizo to apply for this position

Profession Leaders Edit

Homewrecker, Jewelcrafting 
A real homewrecker
Vetter, BlackSmithing 
Chandwarf, Cooking/Fishing 
Tyven, Alchemy/Herbalism 
Florist,Thief,Sexy Corpse
Whatamage, Enchanting 
Sque, Engineering 
Aegrus, First Aid 
Tuckerby, LeatherWorking/Skinning 
Contact Rizo to apply for this position
Empty, Mining 
Contact Rizo to apply for this position
Vitamon, Tailoring 
Huriana, PvP This position is contested and up for grabs during the quarterly PvP tournament

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