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A little about the Band of Brothers.

We are a World of Warcraft raiding guild on the Duskwood server. Our primary goal is to provide our members steady, continued progression in the post-Burning Crusade end game content. To accomplish this, we have a merit based roster, called Easy Company, that you must earn a spot in to become a full member. Recruits who don't meet our raid standards may be removed from the guild. This ensures we only retain the best players.

Duskwood is an east coast server and we function on east coast time. While we welcome all sorts of play styles, The Band of Brothers is a raiding guild and it's members are expected to attend raids on a regular basis.

If you are interested in joining the Band of Brothers please register and apply right now! Some classes are currently full but do to the progressive nature of the Band of Brothers (BoB) openings will pop up from time to time.

Read the discussion below for more information or stop by our website. Have a good day soldier.

What about BoB? Edit

What is BoB? Band of Brothers is a raiding guild on the east coast server Duskwood. It's founded on the democratic principles that make the United States such a great place to live.

What makes it different than other guilds? In most raiding guilds the leadership is stagnant and prone to self-destruction because leaders get burnt out but don't want to see their creation in the hands of another. In BoB officers are elected monthly by the active raiding population of the guild. This allows for great leaders to remain and bad leaders to be voted out. If a leader gets burnt out they can simply not run the following month or they will be voted out if there leadership has suffered because of burn out.

What about DKP and loot distribution? The BoB uses a zero-sum DKP system to prevent DKP inflation. This is commonly used in end-game guilds. Loot priority is always decided ahead of time. A raid leader will never decide on the fly who gets what. Too many have been cheated this way. Class leaders will work hard to make sure loot priority is fair and well thought out.

Who can join BoB? BoB has only a few requirements for membership. Firstly you need to understand your class fairly well and be willing to take input from others on how you might improve your performance. BoB also requires that you be at least 18. Because of the maturity levels required to be successful and work as a team we must enforce this rule. The only exceptions will be the children of adult members. Lastly, all members must be willing and able to raid on an east coast schedule. Since Duskwood is an East Coast server, BoB will not change it schedule to accommodate a few players for whom the east coast schedule is inconvenient.

Ok... BoB sounds pretty cool and the structure is refreshing... What else do I need to know? BoB has a pretty strong code of ethics and requires that its members are respectful at ALL times to other BoB members. In addition any type of activity deemed inappropriate by this code will be dealt with. We are here to have a good time and to progress. The intent is to form a camaraderie that is strong and will hold steadfast during those moments of frustration as we tackle new challenges. Keep a good attitude and help out your brothers (or sisters) and you'll make a great member of the Band of Brothers.

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