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Information Edit

<BRB> was founded on May 1st 2007 by Lesyne after it's previous guild <Neverend> disbanded. Since it's founding BRB has been highly focused on server leading PvE progress on 25man and is considered one of the top Ghostlands guilds.

Due to RealLife pressing on, Lesyne decidet to pass leader ship on Shockíng, formerly known as Palax. And now with his team of trusted officers, they lead the way through heroics on the Ghostlands server.

During the hightime of The Burning Crusade, <BRB> managed to progress through all raids up to Sunwell Plateau with M'uru being their nemesis. Stoping their progress till The LoL patch changed all content ingame. After that, rest was cleared.

When Wrath of the Lick King became prime for Warcraft, again did <BRB> manage to stay in the ranks of the top guilds. Clearing all content 10manHc... leaving only Lich King and Halion on 25manHc unsuccessful at the end.

Now in Cataclysm, <BRB> is making a move again on the Server First achievements.

Over the years <BRB> has existed, it has merged with other guilds.


Raid Progress Edit


Weekly Raid Times Edit

  • Wednesday - Thursday - 19:45 to 00:00 (Server time)
  • Monday - Tuesday - 19:45 to 00:00 (Server time)

Currently we have started to do an Alt run of the raids for some relaxing and seeing the fights from other angles than normal.

  • Friday - 20:00 to 00:00

Loot System Edit

<BRB> is currently using a system called EPGP

  • EP - "Effort Points"

You earn EP by attending a raid. It is timebased, meaning you will gain 10EP pr. 15min you are in the raid. After the raid week, you EP will tell the officers how your attendance have been throughout the week, and your rank will be adjusted accordingly.

  • GP - "Gear Points"

All members will as a minimum have 200GP for easing the entry of new members. All loot given to your character will cost you 25GP, no matter if it's normal or heroic version. Penalties for fails during a fight will also begiven in the form of GP, adjusted according to the fail.

  • Decay - reduction of GP

To be able to receive the weekly decay of % suited for your rank. You will need a minimum of 50% attendance during the raid week. As you achieve higher rank through your attendance, your weekly GP will increase too.

  • Priority

The priority on the loot destribution is listed like this:

Core Raider / Officer [Wish List]
Core Raider / Officer
Main Raider
Trial / Casual

Add-On's Required Edit

As a minimum <BRB> requires you have minimum have these addons installed to ease raiding.

Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs
EPGP Lootmaster

BRB's Leading Team Edit

Guild Leader:

  • Eamari


  • Novascorpion
  • Lesyne
  • Honss
  • Bionic
  • Starman

Recruitment Edit

We are currently looking to fill our rank for the remainder of Firelands and for the upcoming Patch 4.3.

What we are currently looking for is:

  • 1 Priest (Holy/Discipline)
  • 1 Shaman (Restoration)
  • 2 Paladin (Holy)
  • 1 Paladin (Protection)
  • 1 Warrior (Protection)
  • 1 Shaman (Elemetal)
  • 1 Death Knight (Unholy/Frost)
  • 1 Mage (Arcane/Fire)

What we expect of you:

  • Close to perfect raid attendance.
  • Knowledge of your class.
  • Able to speak and understand the English language on Ventrilo (mic is not a must).
  • Able to handle wiping all night, still keep a clear head, and not worry about repairs.
  • A decent stable connection.
  • Able to ALWAYS show up with full consumables for raids.

What we offer you:

Since we are mainly raiding Firelands, all applicants geared for this level, will be given preference. In rare circumstances, or with outstanding applicants, we will be willing to gear you a bit.

Should this have caught you're interest, feel free to make a level 1 alt on Ghostlands and whisper any of the officers: Eamari, Novascorpion, Honss or Lesyne, and ask for the info you need.

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