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Azure Dragons is an Alliance guild on the Feathermoon (US) server. For more information, check out their Guild Site.

Azure Dragons is also known as ADRaids.

*The majority of the text on this page is spoken from the view of the Azure Dragons Guild Master, Conaan.


Azure Dragons Guild Logo

Guild MottoEdit

Honor, Loyalty, and Above all else, Respect.

About the GuildEdit

First and foremost, we are a raiding guild. We have fun and enjoy each other's company while raiding anything. We joke around, taunt, and tease each other a lot, yet we do it with fun and good taste. If you can't take the heat, don't light the fire. We are also a family-style type of guild. Members of all ages and sizes join us, we don't have an age limit. Due to the age of some members, our language has to be somewhat "civil." We do treat each other with respect and dignity. Our guild is in an RP server, yet we do not require you to RP in guild chat. PvP is a part of the guild. If you like to raid and enjoy your gaming experience while raiding without the added pressure and stress, this is the guild for you. If you are a selfish person who only raid for loot, afraid of wipes, please don't apply...You'll be removed from the guild faster than you can say "what loot do I get?"

Guild LeaderEdit

Conaan - Level 60 Human_Male}Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior


Conaan, The Guild Master of Azure Dragons. The Azure Dragons Guild Tabard is Also Shown Here.


Used for 40-man and 20-man raids, winning loot is based on bids. Bidding process is simple. If you want the item, you say bid when asked to bid, but MUST give your dkp that you have CURRENTLY have. The person with HIGHEST dkp wins that particualar item and will lose his/her DKP. The DKP lost is based on the cost of the item value. For instance, Sabatons of Might dropped in an MC raid, based on the item value on the forums, it's worth 55 points. Person A bid (who has 65 dkp) and person B bid (who has 40 dkp). Person A won the item and will lose 55 dkp. Bind on Pick-up Items can be bid on even if you have zero or negative dkp. WE WILL NOT SHARD ANY BOP ITEMS IF PEOPLE WANT THEM. You will STILL lose dkp (getting further into the negatives) if you win that item. Bind on Equip items WILL NEVER be given to those who DOES NOT have the DKP to buy them.

Raid ProgressionEdit


Status: Completed

Ruins of Ahn'QirajEdit

Status: Moam (Killed)

Onyxia's LairEdit

Status: Completed

Molten CoreEdit

Status: Completed

Blackwing LairEdit

Status: Razorgore the Untamed (Down to 11 Eggs)



The new arrival. You've been invited to join Azure Dragons. This will be your a 2-week trial period to see if you and the guild will fit. This is also the time for you to start looking for a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who's willing to be your voice and tells the guild leader that you're at least "ok". If, for any reason, we believe that you do not fit our style and our behavior, we will say "bye-bye".


Thus begin our new life as a member of the Azure Dragons. This will be your 1-week probation period. You will need to get a sponsor from a guild member whose rank is a Dragon or higher. You will need to know the rules and register on the site by the end of your 1-week probation period. If you don't have anyone to sponsor you by the end of the probation period, then you no longer are a part of the Azure Dragons.


A full-fledged member. You are expected to know the rules and guidelines. You are able to request items and gear from the guild bank. You are also able to apply to be the guild's craftsman, if available. You should not be leading any guild raids unless you can prove yourself that you are able to do such, which is blessed by an officer or guild leader.


An honored member of the Azure Dragons. Does what is expected of him/her and does what is best for the guild. He/she has outstanding credentials and able to lead guild raids and events. A Dragon conducts his/herself in a respectable and honorable manner. An unselfish player who believes that the good of the guild is better than the good of one. A Dragon can be a sponsor for a new member into the guild. He/she can only sponsor one person at a time.


An officer of the Azure Dragons. A highly respectable member of the guild. He/she is a class captain as well as the leader when the Guild Leader is unavailable. An officer is to be treated with respect and his/her words are the messages of the Guild Leader. Officers are there to enforce and ensure that the rules are being followed, able to promote an demote members. If there are personal issues and conflicts within the guild, please talk to them; they are there for not only me, but you as well. If an officer thinks you're being disrespectful and not following guild guidelines, then officers and myself will determine if you fit our guild.

Guild BankEdit

The guild bank. Recipes, general materials, items and guild funds are taken and given out via guild bank. Name: Dragonsbank.

Raid BankEdit

End-game raid materials and items are given out and handled by her. Must be from an epic raid or 20-man raid "regular" group to be able to obtain said items. Name: Adraidbank.


The King of the Dragons. In other words, the Guild Leader. Name: Conaan.


The rules are as follows:

1. No Ninja LootingEdit

Ninja looting is considered stealing, dishonest and makes our guild look like a band of marauders. We live by the honor system, please abide by the code. We will not tolerate ninja looters.

2. No Selling To GuildiesEdit

We do not sell to guildies. How can you call a family, if you take advantage of a member? You can't, therefore, we don't' sell to each other or take advantage of another.

3. ProfessionsEdit

Professions and work done for another member is free of charge as always. Prices can only be charged for the mats dictated by the AH, but you should get your own mats if you want a guildie to make an item or enchant something for you.

4. Entering The GuildEdit

As you enter our guild, you will have a 2 week probation period where you are a Noobie. A Noobie is an inductee (not a full-fledged member)...during the probation period, you will be assessed to see if you fit the guild or if the guild fits you. You should also look into finding a sponsor into the guild. A sponsor is someone willing to say that you're a good fit into our guild. At no point in this period can you expect to gain any materials from the guild bank. It is, after all, just a trial period. After successfully passing the 2-week trial peirod, you will henceforth be promoted to Goober (low ranking member). A Goober needs a sponsor from a Dragon or higher for at least 1 week before becoming a full-fledged member. Once you have a sponsor, you'll be given guild bank materials and such.

5. Guild BankEdit

"Dragonsbank" is our guild bank. Please do not send it to me. Our bank has many recipes, patterns, materials, BOE blues and such items to hand out to full-fledged members in need. Why buy at auction houses when the bank has the means to help you attain such items? The guild fund is for the bank to get rare items and patterns and to help members with their mount money, and help support someone's financial issues. Items from bank will be given out free, but donations are always accepted in terms of gold or anything just so we can get our guild better.

6. One Month RuleEdit

People who did not provide notice of their extended leave and found not to be an active member of the guild (i.e. not online) in a 30-day period, will be removed. We want to become an active guild with active members, thus if you're not online for a month, we assume you either don't play anymore, or just doesn't want to be an active member. Members who aren't active can't really help a guildmate, thus not needed and not a valuable member of a team.

7. Level RequirementEdit

We want to become a high-end raiding guild. New members should be levels 45 and above. Yes, people can be become great members even if they're lower level, most 60s have lots of raids to attend too, they have little time to help the lower level members.

8. Alts and FriendsEdit

You cannot bring your alt to the guild unless you're level 60. Do not expect your alt to get help from 60s in running you through smaller dungeons. If you have a friend that you HIGHLY RECOMMEND, then he/she MUST be a minimum of level 35. You must designate a Main character.

9. Helping Lower LevelsEdit

Yes, I do encourage each member to help another member no matter how low they are. But....I prefer a lower level character to learn his/her experience with groups of his/her level before asking a higher level for help. Reason? You can't learn anything if a lvl 60 just blasted through SM with your lvl 35 character. Leveling is an experience, you can't learn teamwork and communication if a higher level character just comes and kills things in its way for you, plus you don't get the game experience for leveling neither.

10. LanguageEdit

Please be considerate of others. Do not use derogatory or inflammatory words in guild chat or in general chat. Be respectful of people. We all joke and have fun, but I would not like to offend anyone. If people get offended by your words and actions, then you are not being respectful to them, and you should stop.

11. Have FunEdit

Have fun and enjoy yourself. After all, this is just a game and as serious as we are in the game and raiding, it's just a fun guild and a fun game. Just remember, if played like a game should be played, there wouldn't be any stress and we'll be enjoying each other's company more.

Raid Requirements (Mods)Edit

  • Everyone who plans on becoming a regular in an Azure Dragons raid should have at least the most current version of CT_RaidAssist.
  • Having Teamspeak would be HIGHLY recommended. We use it with every single raid.
  • All pallies are recommended to get "Buff Ahoy" from Curse Gaming as it is a very useful tool for automatically buff the raid group.
  • Casters/healers are recommended to get Decursive, a mod from Curse Gaming, which is a mod that automatically sets up priority and tells who's cursed, diseased, etc., for you to remove any debuffs on a raid member.


Azure Dragons uses Teamspeak as their VoIP (Voice over Intenet Protocol.) We use Teampseak with every single raid.

We do not use Ventrilo.


To join Azure Dragons, please reply to the "Application to Join Azure Dragons" post. You can also inquire about joining us in-game by talking to a member of Azure Dragons, who will be able to direct you to the correct contact person.

You will need a Guild Portal account to apply.

Recruting StatusEdit

At the moment we are recruiting members of any class that are level 60.


Weekly Raiding ScheduleEdit

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
ZG/5pm-9pm AQ20/5pm-9pm ZG/5pm-9pm PvP/Help The Guild Rest Day MC/Onyxia/10am-5pm BWL/10am-4pm

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