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Azerothians is primarily a PvE/PvP guild on WoW's EU Ghostlands server with PvP opportunites. The Guild was founded by Azero on 30/10/2008. Today, the guild has over 100, many high-level characters closing in on level 80. The website is run by guild members and also has its own message board.

Guild Structure Edit

The Guild is managed by an elected council comprising of a representative from each class and a High Steward presiding over the council. The Guild is overseen by the Guardian - Azero. The following is a breakdown of the guild management ranks within the guild. These ranks are known as the Guild Council:

  • Guardian
  • High Steward (Second-in-command & elected from current or previous class stewards)
  • Class Steward (Elected leaders of members of corresponding classes)
  • Raid Leader (Raid Organiser elected by Guild Council)

The following is a breakdown of the ranks within the guild that are based on raiding commitments:

  • Overlord (Committed Raider)
  • Lord (Relaxed Raider)

The following is a breakdown of the ranks within the guild that are based on player level:

  • Northrendian (Lvl 68-80)
  • Outlander (Lvl 58-67)
  • Azerothian (Lvl 10-57)
  • Initiate (Beginning/trial rank & all members that haven't signed up on the website)

Main FeaturesEdit

The main features of the guild include a website, tabard, friendly guild chat, frequent raid opportunities, large support network, guild speak and a guild bank with four tabs so far.

List of Leaders (Past and Present)Edit


  • Azero (30/09/2008 - Present)

External Links Edit

Guild Website

Armory Profile

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