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What is Azergarde? Edit

Azergarde is a World of Warcraft guild on the Alleria US server which focuses on endgame raiding.

Bosses Killed in The Burning Crusade:

Full Clears of Karazhan; High King Maulgar - Gruuls Lair; Gruul - Gruuls Lair; Magtheridon - Magtheridons Lair; Void Reaver - Tempest Keep; The Lurker Below - Serpentshrine Cavern; Morogrim Tidewalker - Serpentshrine Cavern; Fathom-Lord Karathress - Serpentshrine Cavern

The Azergarde Member Base Edit

The member base of Azergarde is one of great people who are always willing to help others out. Many members will go out of their way for you, to help you quest, level, get new gear and other such things. This is not a requirement by any means for membership, but it does help to assist other guild members when they need help.


Azergarde Guidelines Edit

  • Members are here for fun. This means that arguments for the sake of arguing, insults, and other belligerent behavior are unbecoming of the guild itself. Disagreements will happen, and when they do just try to keep it civil and most of all keep it private. If it’s just between you and another member keep it in private messages.
  • Begging and whining does not get anyone anywhere and really just becomes annoying. There is nothing wrong with asking a member to make an item for you as we have many trade skill masters who are willing to make things for you at cost or materials. Constantly asking for thing to be made without offering anything in return will eventually lead to problems though.
  • Though we have many ranks that require differing amounts of responsibility, all members both high level and low level deserve the same amount of respect. Please treat everyone else with the same respect you desire.
  • Azergarde uses a zero-sum DKP system for looting. Attending raids earns you credits. All credits and DKP spent for the week (Tue - Mon) are totaled, and then your percentage of the credits total is the percentage of DKP you receive. You get one credit for each 15 minute block of raiding. Early invites and late leaves do not gain you extra credit. Raiders in canceled raids will earn a one-hour credit.


Key Members Edit

Guild History Edit

The guild was conceptualized during the beta stage of the game and on day one of the true release, started by Holmes. Soon after, Azergarde was run by Tempust, a priest. Acting as the guild master, he led Azergarde up to level 60 and into becoming one of the top guilds on the Alleria realm. Downing Ragnaros in the Molten Core as well Nefarian in Blackwing Lair. The guild then moved on to the old-god C'thun, downing him in short order. Azergarde was working on downing bosses in Naxxramas when The Burning Crusade launched.

Due to a personal breakdown, the guild master Tempust decided to quit the game. Things did not look good for Azergarde as the guild website was also hosted by Tempust as well as the guilds bank characters.

The officers of Azergarde fought through the strife and in relatively short order got a new website up and running thanks to the dwarf hunter, Server:Alleria US/Ulwar. Soon after hitting level 70, Azergarde began running through Karazhan...

The new and current Guild Leader of Azergarde is the warrior, Hardrock.

Leadership Edit

Server:Alleria US/Aetha -- Holy Priest

Server:Alleria US/Deann-- Retired

Server:Alleria US/Hardrock -- Guild Master and Protection Warrior

Server:Alleria US/Holmes -- Feral Druid

Server:Alleria US/Ulwar -- Beast Master

Server:Alleria US/Gafthin -- Holy Priest

Server:Alleria US/Thalemin -- Raid Commander and Holy Paladin

Server:Alleria US/Richelle -- Raid Commander and Protection Paladin

Server:Alleria US/Dralyn -- Raid Commander and Feral Druid

Server:Alleria US/Amuna -- Recruitment Officer and Shadow Priest

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