This article is a guild information page for Avowry of Cenarius US.

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Avowry is among the first guilds of World of Warcraft, originating from the closed beta, named mAc at that time.
The core members of mAc grouped up to test WoW on Mac and report bugs to Blizzard.
This guild later evolved into Avowry as we know it today. Avowry's reshaping was made possible by Dumma (original GM). Thein is the current GM of Avowry on Cenarius.
After the official formation of Avowry, and about 2 months before WoW release, guild membership was opened to both include both PC and Macintosh users.

Sister Guilds: Awry (Horde - Cenarius, US), Avowry (Alliance - Sargeras, US)

The Avowry web site is located at Avowry is a family-oriented guild that organizes optional raiding and other interesting events for its membership.

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