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Sarkoff, the leader, has a lot of names. This is because he has been a hero for many of the races of Azeroth and Outland.
One person in the guild, by the name of Lotustree, is a moody druid. Sarkoff and her were once love interests, but that was only for a little while. Now, Lotustree does not do much anymore, but her replacement Cylesse is just as good if not better. Cylesse is a holy priest, a rare breed now.

OOC HistoryEdit

The Avengers of Azeroth were founded on October 18, 2006 on Server:Blackwater Raiders US by two characters by the name of Sarkoff and Draconius. While Draconius eventually split from the guild, Sarkoff still remains as the guild's acting Commander. Since the founding of the Avengers of Azeroth, the guild has never been known to be very large, though extremely close-knit. The strict requirements for potential members that have lasted as long as the guild have definitely contributed to the guild's generally small size. While there are several other notable RP guilds that are responsible for many Roleplaying impacts on the realm, the Avengers of Azeroth has always been in the shadow of every milestone.