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A small end-game focused guild. We feel that keeping the guild small, we learn to work together better with a much greater continuity within the guild. This also allows our members to attain gear quicker, as there is minimal competition between members of each class.

We are currently trying to maintain 6-7 of each class.

Server:Aerie Peak US Schedule

Raids are planned to be scheduled for 8pm PST until 12pm on weekdays, and maybe a little longer on weekends. We'll start off with Wed/Thur/Sun as our main raiding days.

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday will always be off days, no raids scheduled on these days.

Loot System

We will be using the Suicide Kings system. There is an addon for this that keeps track of all the data in-game. Theres no need for everyone to have this addon, but if you do have it, you can see where everyone stands. There will be a separate SK system for 20man and 40man Raids.

Addon - Slide Show Explanation -

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