This article is a guild information page for Astoria Warriors of Cenarion Circle US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

About Astoria Warriors Edit

  • We are a casual PvE young guild.
  • Our goal is to recruit new players to WoW in hopes to have a strong guild in the months ahead

Leadership Edit

  • Guild Master, Zombiestomp
  • Senior Officer, Neotom
  • Senior Officer, Cronenberg

Should you need to contact us for any reason; please whisper one of the above players on the US-Cenarion Circle server or visit our website and make a post on our forums.

Recruitment Edit

  • Guild membership is currently by referred invitation only, you may whisper one of our captains or Lieutenants for an invite
  • Solid applications which fill a specific need will always be considered
  • You can fill out an application by visiting and registering at our guild site
  • Please see our website & forum for additional information

Ranks Edit

  • We loosley follow a mitiliristic rank schedual
  • Starting from lowest to highest:
  • Cadet - All new members must have a two to three week prohibitory period consideration is rated on the guild application and participating in guild chats
  • Private
  • Seargent
  • Leuitenant - Our inner circle
  • Captain - Founding Members
  • General - Guild master (founding member)

Our Leaders Edit

  • General Zombiestomp - Guild Master - Undead Mage
  • Captain Neotom - Founding member - Troll Hunter
  • Captain Cronenberg - Founding Member - Undead Warrior
  • Captain Helenatroy - Founding Member - Blood Elf Hunter
  • Lieutenant Bigbubbaslc - Inner Circle - Tauren Druid
  • Lieutenant Traftonas - Inner Circle - Tauren Druid
  • Lieutenant Darkiss - Inner Circle - Blood Elf Priest

Promotion Edit

Promotions are based on your level of commitment to the guild, aide to our younger players (very important aspect of our guild), and participation in guild activities.

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