This article is a guild information page for Ascendo Tuum of Aerie Peak Europe.

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Overview Edit

Ascendo Tuum was created February 12 2007 as a social leveling guild by some players that played together in different guilds since November 2006. The main goals of the guild are to have a casual and fun environment and lively guild chat with a forgiving attitude. Combining the two main goals with PvE raiding two nights a week we are currently progression raiding 10 man Ulduar. We have a dedicated team of core raiders complemented by our casual raiders and ventrilo.

Raid progress Edit

Real World

  • June 29 to July 1 2007 Eleven members from different starting zones took their Gryphons to Dublin Ireland for a weekend long party raid.
  • May 23-26 2008 Raid scheduled for Gothenburg Sweden (Turned out to be a great success with 20+ persons attending)
  • October 2008 successful mini raid on Scotland with whiskey tasting tour and nessie hunting!
  • September 09 planning on Liverpool

In Game 2007 December 16

  • Nightbane
  • Netherspite

2008 January 06

  • Nalorakk

Before Summer break 08 (last boss killed)

  • Leotheras The Blind in SSC
  • Void Reaver in The Eye
  • Hex Lord Malacrass ZA


  • Full naxx cleared on 10 and 25 man
  • Making good progress through Ulduar on 10 man with some progress on 25 man

Recruitment Edit

  • Ingame friends and real world friends are always welcome to apply for membership on our site.
  • To apply to the guild visit Ascendo Tuum Application Form

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