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The guild is located on Earthen Ring one of the original EU roleplay realms.

Arya Elessaril is a Blood elven guild with focus on roleplay. It ONLY accepts Blood Elves among its ranks. Arya Elessaril was created by Lycheas Shera Auger on 17th January 2007.

The Guild is a military organization and their main purpose is to defend the Blood Elven pilgrims on their way to Outland and await their Prince's return.

Arya Elessaril is inspired by the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages.

Arya Elessaril is a guild of Blood Elves who are devoted to their Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider. Unaware of his betrayal they (like the majority of the Blood Elven citizens of Silvermoon) await his return to Quel'thals.

Arya Elessaril is a very nationalistic guild. This creates tensions between the Blood Elves and their Horde allies. Considering the many years of war between them it's nothing to be taken lightly. It will take years to heal the wounds.

Arya Elessaril is also a royalistic guild. The Aryas are totally loyal and devoted to the House of Sunstrider and its last heir, Kael'thas Sunstrider.

How Arya Elessaril will develop and respond to the revelation of their beloved Prince's true intentions (as revealed in Patch 2.4 PTR) is still unknown.

Arya Elessaril is the biggest Blood Elven only community on Earthen Ring. Members: Arya Guild Roster

The Founding Edit

Arya Elessaril was founded in the aftermath of the fall of Silvermoon and the destruction of the Sunwell by the Scourge in the Third War.

During the Third War the Scourge wiped out more than 90% of the High Elven population, devastating their culture and slaying their King Anasterian Sunstrider. Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider was studying magic in Dalaran at the time of the disaster. When he heard what had happened, he quickly returned home and took command of the survivors. Kael’thas renamed them Sin’dorei, “Blood Elves”, in honor of their fallen kin.

Prior to the Sunwell’s destruction, all High Elves everywhere were constantly bathed in its magical power. Now without this arcane energy, the blood elves (and high elves) suffered. Kael’thas claimed that they would soon die without another magical source to replace the Sunwell.

Having re-established a degree of safety to their land, Prince Kael’thas left. Kael’thas would eventually end up in Outland, far away from his people. In Quel’thalas Kael’thas had left the Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron to lead his people in the absence of the Prince.

Grand Magister Rommath was sent back by Kael’thas to Azeroth with a message of hope for the Blood Elves remaining in Quel'Thalas: that one day Prince Kael'thas would return to lead his people to paradise, the Promised Lands of Outland. A small group of Blood Elves returned from Outland together with Rommath.

Back in Silvermoon this small band of former Farstrider Rangers spread Rommath's message about the Prince and the Promised Lands. Encouraged by the promises Blood Elves started to make pilgrimages to Outland. However, the long way to the Dark Portal was dangerous, be it by land or sea, and many Blood Elves never made it to Outland. This small band of Rangers saw the need of protection for the pilgrims and formed the military order known as Arya Elessaril.

The purpose of the military order was to ensure the safety of the many Blood Elves who made the pilgrimage to Outland. Arya Elessaril grew rapidly in membership and power and soon their purpose broadened. Their primary focus is on Quel'Thalas itself, but they also occasionally venture abroad, carrying out strikes whenever they feel the interests of the Blood Elves being threatened.

Code of Behaviour Edit

You must behave well when you are a part of Arya Elessaril. As a member of Arya Elessaril you represent the guild wherever you go.

  • Arya Elessaril do not accept people that speak leet-speak (m8, any1 etc) in the guild channel or public areas. In the guild channel it is not allowed to use abbreviations or smilies. Type full words; if that’s too hard for you, then Arya Elessaril is not the guild for you.
  • Communicate. When you come on, say “Hello” to your fellow guildies. If someone says ‘Hello’, do greet them back. It’s the first step to integrating yourself in the guild.
  • If a Horde town or village is under attack then try in whatever way you can to assist; whether this be calling for help, extinguishing fire, healing or fighting to protect the horde citizens. Arya Elessaril is a military force and as such we shall never avoid a fight against the Alliance!
  • Don’t Gank or Corpsecamp enemy players. When they die, give them a chance to resurrect and heal. Its bad honor to Gank and/or Corpsecamp, and you will burn in Stormwind if you do it!
  • Assist. If you see one of your guildies in need of assistance offer it freely and willingly if you can. It doesn’t matter if you have all the loot from that instance. You will be getting gold from the run and you will be another step closer to forging a stronger bond between yourself and the guildies, and who knows, you might walk away with another one of those fun memories. If you can’t go then explain why you can’t.
  • Assume at all time that people will regard you as being In Character as this is a roleplaying server. You are not forced to be IC all the time, but avoid acting OOC in public areas.
  • Treat other players with the courtesy and respect they deserve (depending on the situation of course).
  • Trade. If you find something you think a guildie can use, offer it freely. Never ask money for it. This works both ways so in the end we’ll end up strengthening the guild instead of weakening it.
  • Being a Blood Elf, it is understandable if you play your IC-character as an arrogant and mean elf towards the other members of the Horde, but don’t press the limits to far! Other players may not always understand that you act IC or will just get tired of you always being rude, or might simply understand you as plain stupid. A little is okay, too much is bad. Make sure other players understand that you are IC. Remember, a Blood Elf doesn’t need to be mean all the time, we are a people of joy and festivities, so share it!

Ranks in Arya ElessarilEdit

The following is a list of guild ranks that currently is within Arya Elessaril and their meaning.

Guild Rank and explanation

Ranger General

The Ranger General is the supreme leader of Arya Elessaril.

Arya Captain

The Captains of Arya Elessaril are the Second-in-Command and they manage and supervise the guild together with the Ranger General. They lead the Officer Staff.

Arya Lieutenant

The Lieutenants of Arya Elessaril make up (together with the Captains) the Officer Staff. They help the Captains to run the daily guild management and assist wherever their services are needed.

Blood Warden

The Blood Wardens are the elite troops of Arya Elessaril and are its most honorful rank. They act as the organization's internal police force and are the personal bodyguards to the Ranger General. The Blood Wardens are the guardians of Arya Elessaril's ideals and are devoted to its principles. They are led by the Blood Warden Lieutenant.

Blood Guard

The Blood Guard are the veterans of Arya Elessaril's military forces. They serve Arya Elessaril faithfully and often assist the younger soldiers in Arya Elessaril.


The Rangers are the main soldiers in Arya Elessaril. They are fully accepted members of Arya Elessaril and have proven their loyalty to the order.


The Apprentices are Blood Elves who have joined Arya Elessaril but still haven’t proved their loyalty and devotion. This is the first rank a new member in Arya Elessaril will have.

Wretched One

Inactive members get demoted to Wretched One before they are removed from the guild.

Area of Operations Edit

Arya Elessaril has it headquarters in Ash'lien Lodge in north-east Eversong Woods. Arya Elessaril also maintain a Office in the Bazaar in Silvermoon City. Arya Elessaril operate mainly in Quel’thalas where their barracks and training facilities are located. Arya Elessaril also operate on Bloodmyst in a quest to retake the Exodar and in Khaz Modan and the kingdom of Stormwind in order to keep the pilgrim roads to the Dark Portal open for Blood Elves. Besides these particular areas Arya Elessaril can be found in any place where their interests take them.

Basic OOC InformationEdit

  • Arya Elessaril's principle is to promote the roleplaying ideals and experience. Being on the roleplaying server Earthen Ring, we want to create and be a part of roleplaying events. We do that by making roleplay events, getting In Character (IC) and acting the way people would expect us to within the frame of our characters and the lore of World of Warcraft.
  • We want to limit the OOC (out of character) chat to general/trade/party channels or areas where other players can't hear it. For OOC-speak we want you to join the /AryaOOC channel. Furthermore we want to limit the OOC you speak in public areas, this means that you do not go OOC in /say or /yell. Remember, wherever you are, you’re representing Arya Elessaril, and as a member you must promote our ideals and care for our reputation.
  • Arya Elessaril do not Boost our members, but that does not mean we do not help our members. If no one answer your question, you might consider how the question was asked, if you ask in a nice and friendly way, you will surely get a nice answer back!
  • Whenever you participate in Guild Events or Cross-Guild/People Events as part of Arya Elessaril as a whole, you MUST wear the Guild Tabard. In Guild Events and Cross-Guild/People Events you are not allowed to “play your own story”. You act in a team and play together with your friends. Behave well!
  • Raids. Arya Elessaril does raid, but on an irregular basis. This is dependent on the various characters and interests of the members. It's mostly for fun, so if you're looking for a Raidforce you should continue to look.

Join Arya Edit

Arya Elessaril have a few requirements if you want to join:

  • You must be a Blood Elf
  • You have interest in roleplaying
  • You must respect our rules and ideals

This basically means that any Blood Elf is welcome but you can only get promoted beyond the Lowest Rank (Apprentice) if you are willing to take interest in roleplay and agree on and respect Arya Elessaril's ideals.

To join Arya Elessaril you contact any member of Arya Elessaril in-game and they will take care of you.