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About ArisènEdit

Arisèn is a PvP guild on the Frostmane server, which prides itself on casual progression, interesting combinations in arena teams, and an irreverent and friendly atmosphere which is unequaled on the server. Due to the combination of high standards of play, low tolerance for mediocrity, and casual raiding schedule, being a member of Arisèn has become a rite of passage on Frostmane, which invariably leads to success in more progressed guilds. Many a raiding guild has had their ranks buttressed by former Arisèn members, who arrive geared, trained, and ready to decimate the competition.

Geoghan is currently GM of Arisèn. Superbadgerz is PvE raid leader.

The Arisèn ForumsEdit

Arisèn is renowned for its entertaining guild forums, access to which is more prized than actual guild membership. The following is one of the more memorable examples of a membership application rejection.

There is a theory in quantum physics called the the "many worlds interpretation", which suggests that there are an infinite number of parallel universes, all kind of like ours, but all slightly different, and that everything that could possibly happen in our universe (but doesn't), does happen in another.

Perhaps in one of those universes, there exists a guild that accepts as applicants former members who were kicked for lowering guild morale by blathering in /g for over an hour about how if it weren't for them the newly formed second Kara group wouldn't be able to kill anything, because they were all a bunch of bads.

Perhaps in one of those universes, there exists a guild that accepts as applicants former members who, after being gkicked and then given a second chance, showed their gratitude by logging off after two wipes in Kara without so much as a word to anyone, then called their friend on the phone and put them in the unenviable position of having to tell the rest of the raid that they no longer had a tank because there was a "sudden power outage". And when a replacement tank was found, the power magically came back, allowing said member to log in and emo rage in guild chat about how his raid spot was stolen.

Perhaps in one of those parallel universes, there exists a guild that accepts as applicants former members who are such loot whores that despite being gifted T4 tanking shoulders, were actually selfish enough to roll on a 2nd set of T4 off-spec DPS shoulders on the guilds 4th Maulgar kill ever.

Perhaps in one of those universes, there is a guild that accepts as applicants former members who showed their loyalty and dedication to the team by logging off without so much as a word to anyone after the third wipe on our very first night in TK, and then getting on an alt to message their friends to tell them that they had better things to do than spend all night wiping with bads.

Unfortunately for you, this is not one of those universes. Pigs will fly before you get back into this guild.

No. I spoke too soon.

Pigs will do more than fly. Pigs will perform inverted barrel rolls and loops in the air at Mach 7, while shooting each other out of the sky with nuclear powered laser guns mounted to their heads, before you get back into this guild.




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