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Arctic Crusade Heroes from the north

Overview Edit

Naxxranas clear 1sttime 20081208

Arctic Crusade celebrating the defeat of the last boss, Kel'Thuzad, in Naxxramas!

The guild was created at the end of 2007 on Talnivarr but migrated to Skullcrusher in the mid-end of 2009. Arctic Crusade is a small but very tight casual raiding guild. We are currently doing 10-man raids both normal and hardmodes during Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We try to raid with a professional approach but without musts. One of our highest priorities is to keep a good atmosphere in the guild. It's social, it's fun and we help each other out.. If you are interested in joining do not hesitate to apply on our forum.

WotLK PvE Progress Edit

Icecrown Citadel Edit

10 man

Normal (Heroic)

Trial of the Crusader Edit

10 man

Normal (Heroic)

Onyxia's Lair Edit

10 man

Ulduar Edit

10 man

Normal (Hardmode)

Naxxramas Edit

Normal (Heroic)

Arachnid Quarter Edit

Plague Quarter Edit

Military Quarter Edit

Construct Quarter Edit

Frostwyrm Lair Edit

Obsidian Sanctum Edit

Normal (Heroic)

  • Sartharion: DEAD (DEAD)
  • 1 Dragon alive: COMPLETED (COMPLETED)
  • 2 Dragons alive: COMPLETED (COMPLETED)
  • 3 Dragons alive: COMPLETED (NOT COMPLETED)

The Eye of Eternity Edit

Normal (Heroic)

TBC PvE Progress Edit

Battle for Mount Hyjal Edit

Black Temple Edit

Karazhan Edit

Gruul's Lair Edit

Magtheridon's Lair Edit

Tempest Keep: The Eye Edit

Serpentshrine Cavern Edit

Zul'Aman Edit

History Edit

2006 Edit

The guild was created by a couple of friends in the late 2006. It was called Artica back then and nearly all the members were swedish. We played together, leveling our characters for the upcomming expansion The Burning Crusade.

2007 Edit

In the middle of 2007 the guild changed name to Arctica and went international, recruiting more players in order to improve progress in PvE. Due to bad recruiting and a failure to progress any further, the guild disbanded. It was reformed under the name Arctic Crusade in the end of 2007. In early 2008 the guild Divine Inheritance merged with Arctic Crusade improving the PvE progress.

2008 Edit

In late spring 2008 a large chunk of the guild left. This made raiding 25 man instances impossible. At this time many new guilds appeared which made recruiting the lost players very hard. The core of the guild together with loyal members struggled to survive. We pushed forward to clear Zul'Aman which was good for the guild morale as well as some of the players that had left us came back. In the late summer things were going slow in general on the Talnivarr realm which made lots of the newly created guilds to disband or migrate. This boosted our recruitment and we got some really loyal and active players. This opened up a great opportunity for us to make a new attempt at 25 man raiding. We were successful and this was a really good boost for the guild. More players that had left us earlier joined and within 2 weeks we made an awesome progress in raiding.

In autumn, just when the pre-patch 3.0.2 arrived the same people that had come crawling back to us earlier left yet again after some fuzz. We highered our age requirement and refined and simplyfied our rules. We are now the guild we have been aiming for since the summer. A small but active guild with loyal, fun and mature players.

2009 Edit

We entered a new year with new challenges. The hardest challenge of them all is to keep the guild active. Lot's of players left due to either lack of activity or the lack of 25 man raids. The activity overall on the server seems low. Most probably it's because there is a large generation of WoW players having exams and graduating right now. We managed to clear Ulduar 10 man version and we hope this could help us with recruitment. Our goal right now is to gear up, complete achievements and try some hard modes in Ulduar.

During the summer, the overall activity in the guild went down. It was hard to get raids going and we decided to take 1 month break from raiding. After the break we thought that people would have gotten their spirit back but this was not the case. The core had a meeting and decided to disband on Talnivarr and migrate to another realm. We decided to give Skullcrusher a go. All Officers (including GM) and some Senior Members followed and recreated the guild Arctic Crusade on the new realm. At the time being we are clearing 10 man content and are trying to recruit some new players.

2010 Edit

The end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 was good times for the guild. Recruitment went well and we are looking forward the new year that brings the guild new challenges.

Schedule Edit

  • Daily raid time: 18:30 - 22:00
  • Weekend raid time: 19 - Until we are done.

Officers Edit

  • Guild Master: Mintaka
  • Recruit Officers: Aaiti, Cerbius
  • Raid Officers: Night
  • Bank Officers: Andreiia, Gildorothar

Ranks Edit

  • Guild Master
  • Officer
  • Alt. Officer
  • Senior Member
  • Member
  • Social Member
  • Alt. Character
  • Trial

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