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Arcanum is former raiding Alliance guild on the PVE Malygos server which was known for their friendly, family atmosphere, and drama free members. Arcanum strived to create a friendly, laid-back environment where people could progress through content quickly, but also hang out together, help each other, chat, and go on quests together.

This guild has mostly disbanded, and has ceased any progression raiding. Only a few members remain who wish to hold the guild name.

History Edit

Arcanum was originally formed by Morollan, Demndred, and a core group of friends from the guilds Legends of Azeroth and Alliance of Bloodstone. The original Guild Leaders were Socc & Morollan of Legends of Azeroth, and Jamis of Alliance of Bloodstone.

After growing to a considerable size they started attempting Molten Core. After struggling at the start they decided to extend recruitment to anyone that could be an asset. Within two weeks they had their first battle with Ragnaros as word of their quick progress got around the forums, recruitment increased dramatically and three weeks later they were farming Molten Core.

Guild progress Edit

WoW Icon 16x16 WoW Classic (Pre-BC)

Bc icon The Burning Crusade

Bc icon World Bosses

Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King

Server firsts Bc icon Edit

Boss Date Screenshot
Illidan Stormrage February 17, 2008 Illidan
Illidari Council January 31, 2008 Council
Mother Shahraz January 28, 2008 Shahraz
Archimonde December 17, 2007 Archimonde
Teron Gorefiend November 11, 2007 Gorefiend
Shade of Akama November 4, 2007 Shade
Supremus October 29, 2007 Supremus
High Warlord Naj'entus October 29, 2007 Naj'entus
Azgalor October 28, 2007 Azgalor
Kaz'rogal October 25, 2007 Kaz'rogal
Anetheron October 22, 2007 Anetheron
Rage Winterchill October 15, 2007 Rage
Kael'thas Sunstrider October 15, 2007 Kael'thas
Lady Vashj July 22, 2007 Vashj
Void Reaver May 20, 2007 VR
Magtheridon April 22, 2007 Magtheridon

Arcanum has also achieved the server first drop of a Warglaive of Azzinoth, which was given to Thoroc.

Members Edit

The vast majority of Arcanum members are adults. More information on the members can be found in the Guild Information section.

Officers Edit

Jamis, Guild Master 
Guild leader. Raid leader. Been at the helm of Arcanum for almost 3 years. Founding member.
Socc, Guild Master (Retired) 
Guild leader. Raid leader. Main tank (ret.) Led the guild with Jamis for almost 3 years. Founding member.
Silverlark, Scribe 
Responsible for distribution of loot and calculation of DKP. Founding member.
Pipe, Recruitment Officer 
Responsible for recruitment. Founding member.
Pinkbuns, Morale Officer 
Responsible for keeping everyone in a good mood. Founding member.
Demndred, Officer 
Main tank and founding member.
Imajica, Officer 
Rogue and founding member.
Demetrius, Officer 
Hunter class leader.
Diabsoule, Officer 
Priest class leader.
Thoroc, Legend 
Lardar, Legend

Warrior , Off Tank.

Morollan, Legend

Warlock Founding Member.

Daelan, Legend
Mage and founding member.

Guild Information Edit

Arcanum was formed on Malygos from the merging of Legends of Azeroth, and Alliance of Bloodstone. We are a group of like minded mature players, who don't care much for drama, accolades, or attention. You wont find us spamming trade or general with our "leet" BoP's for sale. You wont find us belittling someone else's accomplishments, and you certainly won't see us bashing people.

Our membership tends to skew older, and as such we don't have much patience for egos, or self-promotion. We tend to be extremely loyal to our current members. You could be the best player on the server, and if you have a bad attitude, we would ignore your application.

Gear isn't really a concern as we can gear people up. The trouble lies in finding a player who's attitude, and personality fit inside our walls.

We generally frown upon cursing in vent and in guild chat. We typically don't call people out on vent, nor in chat. We give constructive criticism by the maxim "praise in public, reprimand in private". We expect everyone to be courteous and respectful to every other member of Arcanum, so if you have bad blood with certain members you might want to check that at the door.

Lastly we are not a progression based guild. We look at this game as our entertainment, and our goals are certainly to down every boss in the game. We do not bash our heads against the wall for days on end unless we are all still having fun. A night of wipes will often be called early, and followed up with something on farm before we head back to another night of learning.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Arcanum's raids are mostly determined by who is online at the time of invites and what the possible raid configurations are. The ideal raid week would look something like this.

  • Monday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Tuesday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Thursday, 7:30 PM Server
  • Sunday, 7:30 PM Server

Guild rules Edit

  • While we are a casual guild, we are made up of a group of skilled players who strive to be the best in their class. We expect people to understand their class, understand the strategies, and show up to an instance prepared.
    • If you are unable to make it for a week or more you must notify an officer.
  • If we can't do raids because of attendance, those members with the lowest attendance will be removed from the guild and we will find replacements.
  • All members are required to come to the instance prepared with all consumables. Members should review strategies before showing up to the instance. Finally, everyone must keep a positive and productive attitude.
  • We currently use EPGP for loot.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment for Arcanum is typically conducted through social channels and friends in-game.

If you are interested in joining and do not presently know any current members you may post an application via the forums or if you desire a private application can also be submitted. Please see the forums for more information.

Players we consider:

  • Good Situational awareness
  • Knowledge of your class abilities.
  • A good attitude. Its important that you fit in well with our guild. Its also important that you are able to persevere through wipes.
  • Commitment. We raid Sunday-Thursday 7:30 - 11 server (CST). Making ~80% of those raids is fairly important. We also run SSC/TK/ZA/Karazhan on the weekend, would be nice if you could be available for those as well.
  • Willingness to respec for the guild.
  • Come prepared with all consumables that are required for raids.
  • Hyjal/BT attunement a plus, but not required.

Links Edit

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