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Apatheia has been around since 2004 when the original game was launched! We are a tight knit guild who has managed to stick together and experience all raid content with a great group of people throughout the years.

Our team of raiders is comprised of experienced, mature and dedicated players. Apatheia takes a serious approach to raiding and pushing through content, while still enjoying the game. We are not a “hard core” guild per se, yet we do strive for raid progression in a serious manner, and have fun doing it!

For more information you can contact Mana, Jettara, or Frawda in game.

Guild Progress Edit

10-man Raid Dungeons for Mists of Pandaria

6/6 - MSV 4/6 - Heroic MSV

6/6 - Heart of Fear 2/6 - Heroic Heart of Fear

4/4 - Terrace of Endless Springs

12/12 - Throne of Thunder

10/14 Siege of Orgrimmar

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Wednesday, 8:30 PM to 12:00 AM Server
  • Sunday, 8:30 PM to 12:00 AM Server
  • Monday, 8:30 PM to 12:00 AM Server

Raids are scheduled based on progression. The instances are rotated to allow different people to participate in events.

Guild Rules Edit

  • This guild takes a serious approach to raiding. Raiding is not compulsory for all members, but those that choose to raid are held to high standards and are expected to bring their 'A game'. This means bringing consumables, having all the required mods, and maintaining the concentration to avoid volcanoes, void zones, flame waves, and charging bosses.
  • If members are unable to attend raids, the leadership reserves the right to make them Raid Support. These members are not given priority on raid slots.
  • Flasks and Banquets are provided by leadership, but Raiders should also bring healing and mana potions and level their first aid to the max. Members should be repaired before raids and be properly spec'ed. Members should also be prepared to use their secondary specs depending on the encounters.
  • Repairs are paid for by the guild bank. Raiders have more access than the rest of the guild population due to the costs of raiding.

DKP Rules Edit

The DKP system that we use is fundamentally based on the Shroud Loot System (SLS). We selected the system to fulfill the following goals:

  • Provide equitable reward for attendance.
  • Make it generally simple to understand and implement.
  • Create incentive to spend DKP early and often, picking up even minor upgrades.
  • Discourage hoarding, both intentional and unintentional.
  • Enable new raid members to eventually become competitive.

Earning DKP:

  • Guild members earn DKP by contributing to raids. Each raider earns 8 DKP for a night's raid.
  • Farm: The officers decide when an instance is on farm and the instance can be assigned a fixed value by the officers.


  • Backups are assigned for the evening. Failure to be available on backup can result in replacement on the raiding roster.

If you are unable to attend a full raid for whatever reason, you will not be awarded DKP for the evening. Originally we assigned partial values for raids, but this proved tedious. It is assumed that these incidents will be very uncommon, and over time it will have a negligible effect. Players can be replaced if they frequently have these types of issues.

Spending DKP:

When an item is linked to the raid, raid members may bid one of three options: Half-Bid, Min-Bid, or Fun. Bids follow this priority:

  • Half-Bid > Min-Bid > Fun
  • Players may raise bids based on what other players bid, (a player may choose to change a Min-Bid to Half-Bid). Once you place a bid it cannot be reduced.
  • Half-Bid: A half-bid is equal to 1/2 of the total value of a player's DKP pool, rounded up. If a player wins, half of their DKP is immediately deducted, rounded up. Players who do not win the item are not docked DKP. Players may not do a half-bid if they have less than 21 DKP.
  • Min-Bid: A min-bid is equal to 10 DKP. If no half-bid is proposed, then the award is settled via /rand for all players who did a min-bid. The winner of the item is docked 10 DKP immediately, and all other player's DKP totals remain unchanged. Players may do a min-bid regardless of DKP totals (they may go negative). Min bids should be used on marginal upgrades, items that will soon be replaced, or off-spec gear.
  • Fun: If no other player does a half-bid or min-bid, then fun bids are considered. Fun bids are resolved via player agreement. Usually when all but one player passes on the item. If the players cannot resolve the issue, someone can bid minimum, or the item will be disenchanted. Fun bids should only be used on items that would otherwise rot.
  • Alts/Applicants: Alts and applicants can only Min-Bid or Fun bid items.

Raid Looting Rules Edit

  • Any BOE epics that drop in 10-man raids are expected to be turned over to an officer ASAP if they are looted.

Officers Edit

Please contact these people if you have any questions about the guild.

  • Mana, Guild Leader
  • Frawda, Officer
  • Jettara, Officer

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