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Ancient is a semi-Casual PvE guild which continues to actively play towards the end-game instances. By coincidence, the majority of the members are couples and kids and friends of those couples.

Overview Edit

Ancient consists mainly of level 70 characters, with the exception of Alts. Currently the entire guild is actively working together towards getting all members the best gear available in Karazhan, in preparation for clearing out the newer end-game instances. Though new members are not actively recruited, mature level 70 (or close to 70) players looking for a casual raiding guild are always welcome. You may apply for membership by going to For more information, contact any guild member in-game.

Guild progress Edit

Most all old-world instances are considered completed, except for members that need them run in order to complete quests. "Low" Outland instances are only run for the purpose of keying and to help members complete quests.

History Edit

Ancient was formed in the fall of 2007 by Sinnegorth, Aldwin, and Opathas. From the start it was intended as a casual raiding guild. Shortly thereafter, several members from CoF - a guild that transferred to Azuremyst when Kilrogg was heavily overpopulated - decided to move back to Kilrogg to play with their friends. This meant a significant boost to the member count, which made it easier to conquer some of the harder instances. With their friendly attitude and laid-back approach to raiding, Ancient have been able to add several new members who's grown sick of the more un-flexible and strict guilds.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, 5:30 PM Server - Karazhan for best geared members
  • Wednesday/Thursday, 5:30 PM Server - Karazhan for average geared members
  • Friday, 5:30 PM Server - Karazhan Continuation of Tuesdays raid
  • Sunday 3pm server - other runs like ZA or Gruul.

Guild Rules Edit

  • All members play to have fun as first priority.
  • All members have to respect that everyone have busy lives, and may not always be available.
  • All members do their best to be available at their scheduled raid times.
  • No-show members for raid will be replaced as much as possible to complete raid.
  • All members are required to have CT_RaidAssist and Deadly Boss Mods installed.
    • Additionally casters should have Decursive installed.
    • KLHThreatMeter is a recommended addon for all.

Raid Loot Rules Edit

During a raid, the following loot rules will be applied. The raid leader normally also functions as master looter, but can assign any member of the raid he chooses to be the master looter.

  • Each player may roll on any epic item they can use. Players who will be using the item as part of their current spec gear have priority.
  • Players are limited to one contested epic per run. If a player receives a second or third uncontested epic item, they cannot roll on another uncontested item unless they are rolling against a player who has won the same number of uncontested epics or they are rolling against no one at all.
  • If a player wins an epic on one character, and switches to another character for a subsequent fight, the new character will be considered as already winning an epic and can only roll on uncontested items. The loot rules are applied per player, nomatter how many characters that player uses in a raid.
  • Green gear drops that are not quest related items, will be given to the Enchanters for disenchanting.

These limits end on the day a raid ends and start anew the following day. For instance, if the guild goes in Tuesday and raids and a player rolls and gets a contested epic on that night, if the same player raids again with the guild on Friday and a contested epic shows up, they may roll again.

As a casual guild we DO NOT use DKP. If you show up you can roll.

Note: Officers and/or Raid Leaders may override this rule as circumstances and/or guild needs require.

Here's an example of uncontested rolls:

Hunter Joe and Rogue Tom are in a raid and kill a boss. A DPS necklace drops. Hunter Joe already has the necklace and Rogue Tom wants to wait and roll for the T4 gloves. The necklace is still an upgrade for Rogue Tom, so Rogue Tom takes a chance and tells the loot master he only wishes to roll on the necklace if it's uncontested. No one wants to use a contested roll on the necklace so it becomes uncontested. Rogue Tom and Warrior Jane both roll on the uncontested necklace and Rogue Tom wins. Later, they drop the curator. Rogue Tom has still not used his contested roll therefore he may roll on the T4 gloves against Hunter Joe.

Officers Edit

  • Sinnegorth, Guildmaster : Lvl 70 Paladin. Guild leader. Main contact for all guild-related questions.
  • Aldwin, Officer : Lvl 70 Hunter. Main source for hunter-related questions.
  • Thubnuffle, Officer : Lvl 70 Mage. Short and dangerous.
  • Andrane, Officer : Lvl 70 Mage. Not-so-short but still dangerous.
  • Opathas, Officer : Lvl 70 Priest. Will keep you alive

Ancient does not have specific class leaders. As nearly all members have at least one level 70 character, there is usually more than one member than can and will give you qualified advice with playing your class.

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