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Server:Greymane US
Critical Information
(a.k.a The Quick Reference)
Faction:Alliance 32Alliance
Raiding Guild
Guild Leader:Boramere


We are an Oceanic semi-hardcore raiding guild. Currently raiding four days a week, through 25 man content. We expect all our members to raid regularly; not every raid, but regularly.

Anathesis is founded on forging strong friends with each other, and respect for every person, whether they be guild mates, or not. Loot is regarded as an effect of the teamwork we have built, not the reason for raiding. Loot is assigned using our DKP system, and every transaction is recorded on the website. An explanation of this system can be found in the forums. Crafted items are assigned on a variety of basis, primarily for the purposes of advancing the guild as a whole. Cost to the individual player will also vary.

Anathesis is aimed at providing a place for players to experience the end game content of World of Warcraft, while maintaining a friendly environment. Put shortly, lets have fun killing really big monsters.

Guild Master of Anathesis

Contact InformationEdit

Contact information is available at the Guild Website at


Karazhan (11) Gruul's Lair (2) Magtheridon's Lair (1) Serpentshrine Cavern (6) The Eye (4) Battle of Mount Hyjal (5) Black Temple (9) Zul'Aman (6)

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