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<Alliance of Tor> is a small, friendly Alliance guild on the Bladefist (US) server. We are mostly a "sign on and have fun" kind of guild, though we are currently looking to begin forming raid groups (accepting all that are interested, but NEED tanks). We also have some high level players who will be very interested in Arena teams and pre-made BGs. With alliances with several already-raiding guilds, we have the ability to keep even the most advanced lvl 70 characters busy while the rest of the guild catches up.

<Alliance of Tor> was originally formed December 29th, 2006, not long after the server's creation, by Delrog and fellow ex-members of the guild "ironswords". We have left and come back to the server (losing many players in the process) and the Guildmaster position has been handed down to charter-signer Namystral.

We are a guild that is primarily active in the evenings and weekends - our guild meetings occur every Tuesday night, around 5:15pm server time in the SW Dwarven District Tavern (first right coming from the east entrance). They are, however, very informal, unrequired events that often end in hilarity and chaos.

Also, our raid schedule is not yet set in stone, but we seem to be running instances Friday and Saturday nights primarily.

For questions or more information concerning the guild, the guild events, or anything else please visit our website or send a member an in-game tell or email.

Contact InfoEdit

The following members will respond to inquiries regarding the guild:

  • Shanali (Guild Master - see also: Namystral)
  • Zxrevanxz (Recruiting Officer)

View our Code of Conduct and About Us section of the website.


Guild:Alliance of Tor (Bladefist US)

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