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This article is a guild information page for All Most Righteous of Aggramar US.

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Alliance 32 All Most Righteous
Name All Most Righteous
Server Aggramar US
Leader Shalyn
Type PvE
Accounts 50 +
Website All Most Righteous All Most Righteous @ Aggramar

All Most Righteous is an Alliance raiding guild on the US Server Aggramar (PvE) that focuses on end game raiding second only to family and friends in-game relationships.

The Spirit of All Most Righteous

Mission: AMR is a raiding guild like none other. They respect the individuality of their members and encourage them to honor their real life commitments. While they strive to excel at end-game content, they refuse to do so at the expense of their members. They foster a community that welcomes casual players, their friends and family, lower-level members, and raiding and non-raiding alts. Their underlying purpose is to encourage their members develop not merely as players, but as mentors and leaders.

Our goals:

FAIRNESS: We strive to treat members equitably.

RESPECT: We treat members like colleagues, not like subordinates.

COMMUNITY: We support each other while learning the game and having fun.

Guild progress

Current Progression

AMR's current progress can always be tracked via their Web Logs at


All Most Righteous was founded in April 2005 by merger between the guilds Rest in Pieces and Light Bringers. Both guilds had members who wished to try raiding; neither guild was large enough to make it to end-game. At that time, it was thought that success in the end-game could come only from fairly harsh rules and tough schedules... but from the beginning, AMR sought to do things just a little bit differently.

AMR began to raid on its own during the last week of July 2005, on a two-night schedule. By December, Molten Core and Onyxia had been defeated; Zul'Gurub and the early bosses of BWL were accounted for during the late-winter months of 2005-06. By April, BWL was cleared and work began on AQ40. During the summer and fall months of 2006, AQ40 was cleared up through the pre-C'Thun trash, and Naxxaramas was begun. By the end of 2006, AMR was still only raiding progression content 3 nights per week, and it was still making progress and downing bosses.

Late 2006 was a tough time for Aggramar. Many long-time guilds dissolved or fractured. AMR suffered its own guild split in December of 2006, with many of its core raiders going on to found the guild Genesis. Sadly, Genesis failed despite early success, and many of its players left the game. Some found good homes in other guilds, particularly Easy Company and Exalted Order. Many of AMR's former players returned home during the spring months of 2007, with a renewed commitment to its ideals.

Weekly raid schedule

  • Monday, Open Night (7:30 10-man)
  • Tuesday, Open Night
  • Wednesday, 7:30 PM Server - 25-man
  • Thursday, 7:30 PM Server - 25-man
  • Friday, Open Night
  • Saturday, Open Night (7pm 10-man)
  • Sunday, 7:30-11 PM Server - 25-man

Guild rules

AMR is a very laid back for a raiding guild, they consist of many raiders whom like to do nothing but raid, and at the same time many dedicated members who are there to casually enjoy World of Warcraft with their guildmates.

AMR recruits its raiders on a case by case basis when openings are available for specific classes and roles. In order for a raider to maintain raider status one must participate (in raid or on standby) for atleast 66% of raids for each monthly cycle.

Raiders may also be required to meet a minimum performance/gear requirement onset by current content.

Members simply need to log into the game on a monthly basis and partake in the All Most Righteous community. Becoming a member while not as phsycially demanding requires much more character. Member invitations are on a rare basis mostly reserved for long term friends and/or real life connections to current guild members. Member invitations may also be given to potential raiders who are very good fits to the guild.

Like always both members and raiders are required to uphold the Spirit of All Most Righteous at all times, this important character quality outweighs any possible skill or gear that can accompany an individual.

Officers / Advisors

  • GM - Shalyn
  • Officer (Healing) - Olama
  • Officer - Vivacity
  • Officer - Yllapeigga (Web Site)
  • Advisor - Thunderhand (Programming)
  • Advisor - Medatron (DPS)
  • Advisor - Noggy (Tanking)
  • Advisor - Hilljack

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