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AllYourBase is the greatest guild in Alleria and Khadgar.

This guild was formed on Alleria. It is dedicated to the defense of Ironforge from the smelly legions of the horde.

History Edit

AllYourBase was formed years ago by a group of Dwarves. Their mission: defend Ironforge.  Now members of every race of the Alliance joined AllYourBase in its fight against the horde. AllYourBase is rumored to be the largest guild on Alleria.

AllYourBase Members never consented to Blizzard's decision to make Alleria a peaceful "PVE server."  AllYourBase Members slay Horde on sight.

Firsts Edit

AllYourBase is notable for many firsts.   AllYourBase was the first guild ever to attack Sunstrider Isle, the Blood Elf starting area. It is rumored that the horde upgraded its guards to level 90 elite as a response to AllYourBase's boldness. AllYourBase was one of the first guilds to down Onyxia.

Guild rules Edit

Conduct yourself with honor.

Membership Edit

The exact membership size of AllYourBase is secret. However, the Orc leader Thrall once mentioned he feared "hundreds" of AllYourBase members would invade Orggimar.

In 2014, AllYourBase opened its ranks to its Alliance brothers and sisters from Khadgar.

Rumors Edit

It is rumored one of the guild's leaders enclosed his PC in a faraday cage.  Not even nuclear war will stop AllYourBase from slaying horde.

In 2015, AllYourBase entered the Dark Portal again to hunt down the horde. Reports of AllYourBase members traveling back in time to Draenor have not been confirmed.


The Turtle is the guild's mascot.

Officers Edit

AllYourBase is led by its Officer Corps. It is rumored there are ranks of Officers, but AllYourBase keeps its members and ranks a closely guarded secret. There are many reports that AllYourBase raids are led by the most fearsome Paladin in all Azeroth.

Motto Edit

"Making the Undead more dead since 2004." 

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