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Horde 32 Guild Information Edit

Server:Kilrogg Europe

After Life is primarily a Raiding guild on Kilrogg EU server designed for Players at the level 70 cap. The guild has been around for over 2 years and its member base is very strong. The guild is designed to create a friendly relaxed raiding environment, without the strictness of having to attend all the raids. All members are very helpful and polite, and knowledgeable.

Guild History and Status Edit

After Life have been around on Kilrogg since the early days of the server. Over the course of this time, After Life has taken many changes to its leadership and the way that it is run. It went from a closed guild, to a small number of players (who left for another server), to a medium sized general guild for anyone 30+.

The guild was very helpful and generally the players participated in group quests and small dungeons. Once the majority of the players reached 60, the main guild leader that the time left, for another server, and Dragnar took the guild over. Since then, the guild began recruiting more experienced gamers and moved to an End Game guild.

Just before the TBC expansion, After Life was frequently attempting Zul'Gurub, but the member base was still very new to raiding. Since TBC After Life has recruited many more very good Warcraft players and are now doing very well in raiding T5 instances, and have started on T6 content. All the players are now level 70, and anybody under 70 are a rising alt of a current member (with a few exceptions of real life friends).

Guild Progress Edit

Below is the details of the current progress of After Life. This information is since the release of the Burning Cruisade. More stats like this can be found on their website.

TBC Edit

Karazan - Cleared
Zul'Aman - Cleared
Gruul's Liar - Cleared
Magtheridon's Lair - Cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern - Cleared
The Eye - Cleared
Battle of Mount Hyjal - Cleared (except Archimonde)
Black Temple - Cleared (except Illidari Council, Illidan Stormrage)


Vault of Archavon - Cleared
Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared
Naxxramas - Cleared
Malygos - Cleared

WOTLK heroic Edit

Vault of Archavon - Cleared
Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared
Naxxramas - Cleared
Malygos - Cleared

Officers and contacts Edit

Any of the players below hold an officer position at After Life, and if not busy are always open for a chat in game

Spikeface (Guild Master)
Madox (Guild Leader)
Binra (Guild Leader)
Nickel (Achievement Officer & Guild Leader Councilor)
Firstborn (Death knight CL)
Bedivere (Hunter CL)
Binra (Mage CL)
Merciess (Paladin CL)
Madox (Shaman CL)
Spikeface (Warlock CL)
Bedivere (Warrior CL)
Laozi (Raid Leader)
Dragnar (Raid Leader)

Links Edit

Guild Website:

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