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Overview Edit


Advent Knights is an Alliance guild on the Uldaman server. Advent Knights is somewhat of a casual guild but takes their raiding seriously. It is Advent Knights' mission to get through the end game content but making sure it's members have fun doing it.

Mission Statement

To destroy the horde, and any instance in Advent Knights way. Oh and the one requirement, have a lot of fun doing it. It is Advent Knights' phylosophy of "What's the point of playing a game if you can't enjoy it."

Governing Principles

  • Establish and maintain a well structured and enjoyable guild community.
  • Create lasting friendships with members and form alliances with other guilds.
  • Seek end game content, and become a leader among respected guilds


Membership will always be open to mature, fun people of all walks of life. Loot whores, drama queens, or guild hoppers need not apply. Advent Knights maintain a drama free environment and only want those who wish to have fun, respect others, and willing to help the guild. Sometimes putting the guild before their own needs.

Guild Schedule Edit

Raiding Schedule
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Raid No Raid Raid No Raid Raid Guild Events Raid

Guild Progress Edit

Advent Knights has an official Raid Progression Team(RPT) focused on structured hardcore style raid, without the hardcore schedules. Advent Knights' members have families, jobs and real lives and cannot commit to full-time 6 days a week raiding schedules.

Karazhan Bc icon
Attumen the Huntsman Done Farm Moroes Done Farm Maiden of Virtue Done Farm
Wizard of Oz Done Farm Big Bad Wolf Done Farm Romulo and Julianne Done Farm
The Curator Done Farm Shade of Aran Done Killed Terestian Illhoof Done Farm
Netherspite Undone Chess Event Done Farm Prince Malchezaar Undone
Nightbane Done Farm

Guild RulesEdit

1. Chain of Command

  • Guild Officers should be your first avenue to discuss issues that arise that can not be addressed between guild members. If your problem is with an officer, the Guild Leader should be contacted via in-game whisper or mail.
  • There is a proper way, place and time to talk about issues or problems you have with other guild members or officers. members do not "spit" on other players, camp on players bodies when PvP'ing, call other players names, or belittle players abilities.
  • Please be respectful of player game time. If an officer or the GL is in an instance, they can not provide you with the time and attention you deserve to answer your question or concerns. Please find another officer or send an in-game mail and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Undermining the chain of command will not be tolerated.

2. No Drama

  • If you have a problem, please talk about it. That is what the Chain of Command is for. This applies to loot, instances and the conduct of other players. Someone can usually help or offer advice.
  • If you become angry, throw a fit and /gquit you will not be allowed to rejoin the guild.

3. Follow Though on Promises

  • Don't leave guild members in the lurch. If you offer your help, make sure you that you’re as good as your word. Guild members need help with quests, materials for crafting, and even instances. We understand that RL (real life) gets in the way of gaming, but make sure you contact the member and explain the problem and try to resolve the issue.
  • This doesn't mean however that just because someone offered you help you should expect them to drop everything and work on your request. Be mindful that everyone is playing their own game.
  • If you commit to an instance run stay until the group is finished. Real Life sometimes gets in the way, but members do not finish their quest and say "got to go" and stone out. If RL calls, please be mindful of the group and try to find a replacement.

4. No Begging

  • Do not beg for instance runs/materials/gold from people in the guild or people outside of the guild. It’s ok to ask for help, you will find that if you ask, members are willing to help.
  • If a guild member can not help, do not harass that member. No means no.
  • If you need help from a crafter to make something, please be willing to provide the mats, the materials can be expensive. If the crafter offers the mats to make it for free, great, but don’t expect it. High end crafting is not cheap nor is it easy to find. Please be mindful of other members. Members do not charge each other for the crafting process, but tips are always welcome.

5. Public image

  • A guild is only as good as its reputation on the server. Be aware that your actions reflect upon your guild and your guild members.
  • No member should ever be on a “Do Not Group” list.
  • Swearing and harassing other players in and out of guild will not be tolerated
  • Remember to conduct yourself at all times like the WoW world is watching you, they are.

Officers Edit

Advent Knights Chain of Command

Razahir, Guildmaster 
Guild leader, Webmaster.
Naclos, Officer 
General Officer, Forum Moderator, Website Contributor.
Kirathis, Officer 
General Officer, Forum Moderator, Website Contributor.
Fearleighis, Officer 
General Officer, Recruitment Coordinator.

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