This article is a guild information page for Advent of Lightning's Blade US.

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Advent is a Horde raiding guild on Server:Lightning's Blade US. It made up of many groups of friends who enjoy raiding together without the high pressure of competitive raiding. Howerver, it is still focused on progression and experiencing the content that is availible. For the most up to date info check our website and forums.

Guild Progress Edit

10 Man

25 Man

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Monday, 7:00 PM Server - SSC/TK
  • Tuesday, 7:00 PM Server - SSC/TK
  • Wednesday, 7:00 PM Server - SSC/TK
  • Sunday, 5:00 PM Server - SSC/TK
  • KZ and ZA are run on off nights or after the end of the day's 25 man raid.

Officers Edit

Wano, Guild Leader 
Dysnomic, Priest Class Lead 
Assistant raid leader
Jakonya, Warrior Class Leadr 
Main tank and main raid leader
Roggzadin, Paladin Class Lead 
Healer leader and assistant raid leader
Venomm, Warlock Class Lead 
Gravity, Druid Class Lead 
Kidarus, Hunter Class Lead 
Dorverey, Mage Class Lead 

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