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Adults Only is a casual guild that happens to raid. Our members are 18 years or older and social players, aiming for enjoyment over brutal progression. As such, we are focused on building a community of like minded players and both recruitment and raiding are conducted with this in mind.

We are primarily a PvE social guild. While we do raid regularly, there is heavy competition for slots and those with raiding as their primary passion may wish to look elsewhere. To apply, please use the 'application' link on our website.

Guild progress Edit



History Edit

The guild was created in late 2006 to establish an environment of over-18s for social and PvE purpose. After a rough start in Kara in late 2007 we started raiding regularly in 2008, and progressed through to T5 content. Raiding for WotLK has started as of early January 2009.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

The raid schedule is available on the raid calendar on our website.

Guild rules Edit

Both guild and raid rules are available on the forums on our website.

Officers Edit

Guild Leader: Desprata

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