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Academy of War is a leveling guild based on the idea that warcraft should be fun and the best loot is friends not epix. We are home to old school raiders hiding out from their raid guilds, alts on the way to 70 and brand new players. We respect our guildmates and enforce a strict no drama policy.

Overview Edit

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was formed from the frustration of losing touch with friends as raid guilds come and go. Academy of War was created to give raiders a more stable home for alts and a place we can pass on our knowledge to newcomers. It is also nice to not have to feel bad when it is time to move a character in to a raid guild because you know you don't have to leave your friends behind. To keep things fun we also play horde on an undisclosed PvP server.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Saturday, Afternoons Server - Lowbie instance runs

Guild Rules Edit

  • No Drama
  • No Stress
  • No Begging

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