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About Absolution Edit

Absolution is a Horde guild on Eonar. We consider ourselves to be a mature guild whose primary focus is on continued progression through all endgame PvE content. We firmly believe there is a balance between real life and WoW, as many of our members have families, school activities and full time jobs. We are not a "hardcore" guild and our main goal is not to be first, but rather to have fun and laugh with friends. Raiding, however, is taken seriously. We try to maintain a small roster of individuals with the expectation that they can attend most raids, to be online and ready to go at raid time and willing to put forth their best effort.

Absolution News | Absolution Forums

Raiding Schedule and Progression Edit

We generally raid Eastern Time: Mon-Thur, 630pm - 1130pm. Weekends are off nights or alt raids.

Eonar Progression

Recruitment Edit

If you are interested in contacting Absolution (Eonar US) for recruitment, please visit our Recruitment Forums.

Everything Else Edit

Everything else you need to know about absolution can be found in this comic by Hoofbite:


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