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A Thousand Truths is an Alliance guild on the Medivh US realm formed during Burning Crusade to focus on 10-person raid content. We are a social guild and choose to remain small in order to avoid the politics that accompany larger guilds.

10-Player StrictEdit

10-Player Strict guilds focus entirely on 10-player raid content. A Thousand Truths is such a guild. Don't be fooled by 25-player guilds who also raid 10-player content. 10-player strict guilds are outfitted only in gear found in 10-player raid content, which makes the encounters much more difficult. In fact, when appropriately geared, it is generally agreed that 10-player content is more challenging than 25-player content, due to the importance of each individual player's responsibilities.

Raid ProgressionEdit

Below is a list of the current raids, and the progression achieved by A Thousand Truths in each.

Icecrown Citadel (10-player)Edit

P Icecrown MarrowgarLDWAchievement boss skybreakerP Icecrown SaurfangP Icecrown FestergutP Icecrown RotfaceP Icecrown PutricideP Icecrown Blood PrincesP Icecrown Lana'thelP Icecrown ValthriaP Icecrown SindragosaP Icecrown Lich
Guild Icecrown Citadel
The Lower Spire The Plagueworks The Crimson Hall Frostwing Halls The Frozen Throne
Lord Marrowgar Lady Death-whisper Gunship Battle Death-bringer Saurfang Festergut Rotface Professor Putricide Blood Prince Council Blood-Queen Lana'thel Valithria Dream-walker Sindragosa The Lich King
Alliance 15 A Thousand Truths Money achievement Boned Done Money achievement I'm on a Boat Money achievement I've Gone and Made a Mess Done Done Done Money achievement The Orb Whisperer Undone Done Undone Undone

Crusader's Coliseum (10-player)Edit

GormSmall CropJormgSmallIcehowlSmallJaraxxSmallFactionChampionsSmallValkyrTwinsSmallAnubArakToCcSmall
Guild Trial of the Crusader
Beasts of Northrend Lord Jaraxxus Faction Champions Twin Val'kyr Anub'arak
Gormok the Impaler Acidmaw and Dreadscale Icehowl
Alliance 15 A Thousand Truths Done Done Done Done Done Done Done

Ulduar (10-player)Edit

Achievement boss theflameleviathan 01Achievement boss ignis 01Achievement boss razorscaleAchievement boss xt002deconstructor 01Achievement boss theironcouncil 01Achievement boss kologarn 01Achievement boss auriaya 01Achievement boss mimiron 01Achievement boss freya 01Achievement boss thorimAchievement boss hodir 01Achievement boss generalvezax 01Achievement boss yoggsaron 01Achievement boss algalon 01
Guild Ulduar
The Siege The Antechamber The Keepers The Descent into Madness The Celestial Planetarium
Ignis the Furnace Master Razorscale XT-002
of Iron
Kologarn Auriaya Mimiron Freya Thorim Hodir General Vezax Yogg-Saron Algalon the
Alliance 15 A Thousand Truths Money achievement Orbital Devastation
Money achievement Unbroken
Money achievement Shutout
Money achievement Stokin' the Furnace Money achievement A Quick Shave
Money achievement Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare
Money achievement Must Deconstruct Faster
Money achievement Nerf Engineering
Money achievement Nerf Gravity Bombs
Money achievement Heartbreaker
Done Money achievement Disarmed Money achievement Crazy Cat Lady Undone Done Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone

Naxxramas, Chamber of Aspects, Vault of Archavon, and Eye of Eternity (10-player)Edit

Naxx bosses smallSartharion smallArchavon smallMalygos small
Guild Naxxramas Chamber of Aspects Vault of Archavon The Eye of Eternity
Arachnid Quarter Construct Quarter Plague Quarter Military Quarter Frostwyrm Lair Obsidian Sanctum Archavon the Stone Watcher Emalon the Storm Watcher Koralon the Flame Watcher
Alliance 15 A Thousand Truths Done Done Done Done Done Money achievement The Twilight Zone Done Done Done Done


Contact one of the founders if you wish to form a guild partnership for 10-man content, or if you wish to be an alternate for current normal raid content. You may also visit the guild website at


Arack, Docpajamas, Gimilstein, Finiz (AKA Zodolo), Mobius.

Fun FactsEdit

  • A Thousand Truths is named after the Sword of a Thousand Truths from the South Park episode.
  • Arack and Mobius were co-founders of the Squirrel Mafia guild, and participated in the retail Beta.

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