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A Cop on the Edge is an Alliance World of Warcraft Guild on the US server Ner'zhul. It was founded by the Dwarf Hunter Loosecanon as a reference to 1980s/1990s melodramatic cop movies. The guild consists mainly of a small group of friends that transferred from Darrowmere. It's a very laid back, social networking guild consisting primarily of alts.

The guild ranks are structured after police ranks with Officer being the lowest and Chief of Police being the guild leader. Notably however the rank with the most power (besides Chief of Police) is Detective, the second lowest rank. This was done so that the founding member Loosecanon could be a Detective (like most cop movies) and still have some pull. The only other guild rank of note is Rookie, which exists for Swordboard, Loosecanon's new partner. Rookie was placed between the ranks of Captain and Commander to make it an officer rank.

Members of ACE will often advertise the guild in trade chat by either referencing old cop movies, or simply stating that the guild "doesn't want you." Despite this however the guild does recruit laid back, and good natured individuals, and is willing to facilitate up to 9 alts. Currently there is no level requirement to join and no plans for that to change in the near future. Aoirleil, and Loosecanon are currently recruiting with the eventual goal of building up to endgame content. Due to the eminent release of Wrath of the Lich King however, the prevailing mood of ACE is one of social interaction rather than hardcore raiding. Despite this lax mood ACE feels it will have no problem with Wrath of the Lich King endgame, having had success with the current endgame of The Burning Crusade in other guilds.

Despite the examples listed above, ACE is a PvE guild, not an RP guild. The members will often make jokes in the style of old cop movies, however this is not required.

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