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Realms  ANGER (Grim Batol EU)


ANGER is an International Guild from the European Server Grim Batol.
Focused on the end game raiding content, ANGER has beaten two of the four 40 man instances, managing to beat Nefarian after 2 months of the start of Blackwing Lair itself.
The guild is set up to enter The Burning Crusade with its right foot and keep the it's fast pace and get back on track to the raiding content.
At the moment ANGER finished Serpentshrine Cavern, still trying doing tries at Kael'thas Sunstrider in The Eye, doing Battle For Mount Hyjal and soon Black Temple...

PvE Progress

Current raid progress January 2008:

Raiding Schedule

Here is our current raid schedule:

  • All Week - 21:45-01:00 - Server Time

Recruiting & Rules

Application's Forum

Guild Officers

List of the Guild Officers:

To be updated!


By Ascending Order:

Late 2005 - Anger is founded;

January 2006 - First ZG runs with friends (Wiping at Bat ftw);
February 2006 - The guild EuroTrash merged with Anger. Anger breaks apart because of a issue of merge with Invictus, about :half of the old Anger members stayed there other half formed a new new Anger;
Late February/early March 2006 - Anger was re-founded by Amot;
March/April 2006 - Finally most of the old core like Aquiles and Equilibrium, reached level 60, again Zul'Gurub gets started;
April/ June 2006 - much progress in Zul'Gurub but Anger still not able to start the end game instances;
June 2006 - First Molten Core runs with the help of Siriom and some other friends, first 4 Molten Core bosses downed;
Summer break 2006 - Due to the summer vacations many of the Anger members are on holidays, Anger falls back to Zul'Gurub which gets finally cleared;
Late Summer 2006 - End of holidays for most of Anger members, restart of Molten Core runs, Onyxia cleared;
Early Autumn - After the completion of Molten Core with the clearing of Ragnaros, Anger moves on to Blackwing Lair;
December 2006 - Anger manages to clean Blackwing Lair with the clearing of Nefarian, just 10 minutes before of the introduction of the patch 2.0.1 Before the Storm, wich introduce the new talents trees that will be available for TBC;
Middle December 2006 - Anger enters in Hibernation mode, waiting for TBC;

January 16th 2007 - Anger Back on Track, all members with TBC start leveling up...
February 2007 - First Anger Members reach level 70 and start getting the key to Karazhan.
February 17th 2007 - First raid from Anger in Karazhan, only a few members with key;
February 24 2007 - First Boss down in Karazhan Attumen the Huntsman;
March 15th 2007 - Prince Malchezaar down;
May 2007:
- AA, Alcoolicos Anónimos merged with ANGER guild!
- Gruul's Lair Cleared!
July 2007:
- Runs to Magtheridon's Lair;
- Exploring SSC;
- Exploration of Tempest Keep and killing Void Reaver;
August 2007:
- Summer Holidays;
- Magtheridon Killed;
September 2007:
- Platinum Merge with Anger on 12th September;
- Hydross The Unstable down on 24th September;
January/February 2008:
- Some of the older members in the guild leadership stop playing;
- Guild lost many members, a few of the "old guard" members remain and take the lead of the guild.
March 2008:
- Anger is back on track and raiding;
April 2008:
- Al'ar and Lady Vashj go down, a nemesis of the guild is now beaten.
Spring to Autumn 2008:
- Guild is on standstill until the arrival of Wotlk.
Achievements Chronology

By Ascending Order:

Summerbreak 2006 - Zul Gurub Cleared
Autumn 2006 - AQ 20 Cleared

Late Summer 2006 - Onyxia Cleared
Late Summer 2006 - Molten Core Cleared

07/10/06 - First Raid to Blackwing Lair
21/10/06 - Razorgore the Untamed
27/10/06 - Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
30/10/06 - Broodlord Lashlayer
31/10/06 - Firemaw
06/11/06 - Ebonroc
10/11/06 - Flamegor
11/11/06 - Chromaggus
13/11/06 - First Nefarian Attempts
06/12/06 - Nefarian Blackwing Lair Cleared
17/02/07 - First raid to Karazhan
24/02/07 - Attumen the Huntsman Down
07/03/07 - Moroes
15/04/07 - Prince Malchezaar
18/05/07 - High King Maulgar
22/05/07 - Gruul the Dragonkiller
23/06/07 - Void Reaver
30/08/07 - Magtheridon
24/09/07 - Hydross
05/10/07 - High Astromancer Solarian
08/10/07 - Lurker Below
18/10/07 - Leotheras The Blind
25/10/07 - Fathom-Lord Karathress
25/10/07 - Morogrim Tidewalker
--/04/08 - Al'ar
23/04/08 - Lady Vashj

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