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Guild: ìmPulse (Hellfire EU)

About ìmPulse Edit

The guild was originally created back in February 2009 just before the Ulduar patch hit. We cleared all the current content before the patch including OS+3Drakes, and most of Ulduar (up to General) before taking a summer break.

After this break we re-built quickly and began farming ulduar again before the TOTC patch was released. Although the break set us back in terms of realm ranks and gear, we came back better than ever. Alot of new and friendly faces joined in and helped to structure the guild further. We gained a moderate rank in the normal Trial of the Crusader, and we we're soon taking down the bosses of Trial of the Grand Crusader 10man. We then began attempts at heroic 25 shortly before deciding to change from Executus realm to Hellfire, in hopes of completing our raiding team fully, with skilled and friendly players.

Since the move we have managed to make a good home on Hellfire, securing ourselves into the top 10-5 in current progression. We continuelly work hard to keep ourselves as high as possible and in hopes of reaching the top 3 at some point in the future.

The Guild's Ambitions Edit

We believe we have a solid core of skilled and friendly players who have stuck by us through thick and thin. Usually these two features dont mix, but however for us they do. We are friendly and helpful, we care about those in our guild greatly and try to aid them as much as possible in being the best they can be with their class and spec. We have a great social atmosphere both on vent, the forums and in our chat channels on the game. We all enjoy raiding together, and have a lot of fun and laughs, even between wipes.

However this doesn't mean we dont expect a high level of focus from all those involved when dealing with progression. We have a reasonable level of tollerance for mistakes, those who let down the raid end up loosing effort points (priority on loot) and those that simply can't cope and refuse to listen to advice or work hard to improve, will simply not stick around with us for long. We expect decent raid-awareness, a 'WANT' to raid and progress within PVE content. Both now and in the future expansions. We arnt aiming to be the best in the world, but we'd like to be within the top five/top three in realm rank.

The Guild's Raid Times Edit

We aim to be a hardcore or at least a semi-hardcore PVE raiding guild. This means we have four raiding days per week.

We raid Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday, 19:00 - 23:00 realm time. These times can sometimes be extended however when needed/wanted.

If you wish to join us, you should be able to attend at least 3/4 raids per week, but you have a better chance with 4/4.

The Guild's Communications Edit

Ventrillo: We use Ventrillo (latest version) for our Raid communications, and if you want to join then you must be able to use this in order to listen in. Having a mic and having the balls to talk is a great bonus when applying.

Our Forums/Website: Its important to us that all members check and use our forums regulary for general chat, guild annoucement/news as well as to read tactics we might post or want to discuss.

ìmPulse hierarchy Edit

Guild Master/s
Raid Assistant
Social/Friend Rank

The Guild's Bank Edit

Our guild bank is nicely stocked for Icecrown, we offer Flasks to those who arnt able to get them themselves, or get caught out by the crappy AH. We also provide a constant supply of FISH FEASTS, meaning you dont need to bring food unless you want something specific like hit rating food.

The guild bank also provides FREE enchants to our members (for main spec gear), as well as FREE epic gems for TotC gears or above, depending on supplies. Note, we dont give free re-gems or offspecs.

The guild bank also can sell you random mats for 50% the average AH price, such as herbs, glyphs, and much more.

Loot system Edit

Guild is using epgp loot system with some rank priority.

Recruitment Details Edit

What We Expect From YOU

You must be:
1) Fully enchanted (best enchants available)
2) Fully gemmed (best gems available)
3) Have consumables for raiding, trials dont get freebies.
4) Have the basic set of PVE raiding addons: Omen, DBM, Recount etc.
5) Have the best possible spec for your class upon applying.
6) Know your class well, and all of your possible specs.

You shouldnt apply to us if:

- you care more about PVP/arena than you do PVE
- your a casual raider (we need active players only)
- your gear barely surpases TOTC (need 245/251 ilvl gears / 5k+ gear score)
- your not prepared to take critism (e.g your performance during a raid)
- you dont respect others (we dont accept poor attitude/behaviour)
- you are only looking to experiance content once before stop playing (we want long-term investments)

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