Guardian of Elune

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AllianceNPC 32Guardian of Elune
Guardian of Elune
Race Wildkin (Humanoid)
Level 60
Health 3,297
Mana 2,434
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Darnassus
Location Winterspring [64.8, 63.8]
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The Guardian of Elune can be found behind the Altar of Elune in Winterspring [64.8, 63.8], during the quest Official alliance mini-icon [59] Guardians of the Altar.

The Priestess of Elune say the following about it:

Priestess of Elune says: Soon after, we began to have visions of a creature... A creature with the feathers of an owl, but the will and might of a bear...
Priestess of Elune says: It was on that day that the wildkin were given to us. Fierce guardians, the goddess assigned the wildkin to protect all of her sacred places.
Voice of Elune says: Anu'dorini Talah, Ru shallora enudoril.
Priestess of Elune says: But now, many years later, the wildkin have grown more feral, and without the guidance of the goddess, they are confused...
Priestess of Elune says: Without a purpose, they wander... But many find their way back to the sacred areas that they once were sworn to protect.
Priestess of Elune says: Wildkin are inherently magical; this power was bestowed upon them by the goddess.
Priestess of Elune says: Know that wherever you might find them in the world, they are protecting something of importance, as they were entrusted to do so long ago.

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