Starting with Arena Season 4, the Brutal Gladiator 5-piece armor set is available for Arena Points. This covers head, shoulders, chest, hands and legs.

Wrist, waist, feet, neck and finger PvP equipment matching the Season 4 Set is available for Honor points and Marks of Honor. They share the name "Guardian's" and replace the "Vindicator's" equipment of Arena Season 3.

The Guardian items are remarkable as they are epics with item level 154 and 159. Items of this level are otherwise found in Sunwell Plateau. They will also require a personal and team rating to acquire.

Armor setsEdit

Armor Set Spec
Cloth Guardian's Deadweave Spell damage
Guardian's Silk Spell crit
Guardian's Mooncloth Heal
Leather Guardian's Dragonhide Strength
Guardian's Kodohide Heal
Guardian's Leather Attack
Guardian's Wyrmhide Spell damage
Mail Guardian's Chain Attack
Guardian's Linked Strength
Guardian's Mail Spell damage
Guardian's Ringmail Heal
Plate Guardian's Lamellar Spell damage
Guardian's Ornamented Heal
Guardian's Plate Attack
Guardian's Scaled Intellect
Guardian's PvP rewards cost
Item Cost Rating
Guardian's Wrist 11794 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Warsong gulch mark of honor 1575
Guardian's Waist 17850 Pvpcurrency-honor-both40 Arathi basin mark of honor none
Guardian's Feet 17850 Pvpcurrency-honor-both40 Eye of the storm mark of honor 1700
Guardian's Neck 15300 Pvpcurrency-honor-both10 Eye of the storm mark of honor none
Guardian's Finger 15300 Pvpcurrency-honor-both10 Alterac valley mark of honor 1650
Total 78094 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Warsong gulch mark of honor40 Arathi basin mark of honor10 Alterac valley mark of honor50 Eye of the storm mark of honor 1700


Set Wrist Waist Feet
Guardian's Dragonhide [Bracers][Belt][Boots]
Guardian's Kodohide [Bracers][Belt][Boots]
Guardian's Leather [Bracers][Belt][Boots]
Guardian's Wyrmhide [Bracers][Belt][Boots]
Guardian's Chain [Bracers][Girdle][Sabatons]
Guardian's Linked [Bracers][Girdle][Sabatons]
Guardian's Mail [Bracers][Girdle][Sabatons]
Guardian's Ringmail [Bracers][Girdle][Sabatons]
Guardian's Lamellar [Bracers][Belt][Greaves]
Guardian's Ornamented [Bracers][Belt][Greaves]
Guardian's Plate [Bracers][Belt][Greaves]
Guardian's Scaled [Bracers][Belt][Greaves]
Guardian's Dreadweave [Cuffs][Belt][Stalkers]
Guardian's Silk [Cuffs][Belt][Footguards]
Guardian's Mooncloth [Cuffs][Belt][Slippers]


Spec Neck Finger
Spell damage and crit [Guardian's Pendant of Conquest]
Spell damage [Guardian's Pendant of Dominance] [Guardian's Band of Dominance]
Spell haste and healing [Guardian's Pendant of Reprieve]
Healing [Guardian's Pendant of Salvation] [Guardian's Band of Salvation]
Spell haste and damage [Guardian's Pendant of Subjugation] [Guardian's Band of Subjugation]
Attack power [Guardian's Pendant of Triumph] [Guardian's Band of Triumph]