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Guard Captain Cragtar stands in the middle of the town by the bonfire watching over the 4 injured grunts.


Guard Captain Cragtar says: So there we were - me and the battalion, doing a routine recon down the bone road. We'd sent the scout up ahead to look around in case anything dangerous come up.

Guard Captain Cragtar says: Sure enough, scout came runnin' back, talkin' bout some orcs down the path. They hadn't seen us yet so we figured we'd go get acquainted.

Injured Thrallmar Grunt says: What kinda orcs , chief?

Guard Captain Cragtar says: Big red suckers! Bigger than any orc I'd ever seen. Muscles out to here, tusks out to here...

Injured Thrallmar Grunt says: You mean...

Guard Captain Cragtar nods.

Guard Captain Cragtar says: Fel orcs...

Injured Thrallmar Grunt says: But how, chief? I thought the curse was lifted...

Guard Captain Cragtar says: I dunno, grunt. I just - don't - know...

Guard Captain Cragtar says: But that's not the worst of it. Before I could pull us back, a group of 'em spotted us and attacked.

Guard Captain Cragtar says: Lost some of my best soldiers that day...

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