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Gryshka's Letter is Innkeeper Gryshka's letter to Zargh the butcher. In it, she writes her thanks to Zargh for the well-prepared meat he had delivered. She recounts the time Zargh lost a finger in an accident, and thinks humorous of the entire situation. She concludes that he is cute when he's bleeding.

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Gryshka's Letter

Dear Zargh,

The steaks you sent are fine. Well marbled, thickly sliced and packed in boar fat. They're just how I like them. When I eat them later, I will think of you as I gnaw on the last bits of bone and grisle. I will close my eyes and see your strong, scarred hands chopping and cutting...

Hah! That reminds me of when you had your accident and lost a finger... Oh, Zargh! Thinking of that day makes me giggle like a little girl.

You're so cute when you're bleeding!


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