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Grunt's AnkleWraps literally wrap around the characters ankles, leaving the feet bare. Perfect for those Gnomes who think they are Hobbits.

They are dropped by a variety of mobs in Ashenvale, Darkshore, Stonetalon Mountains, and The Barrens.

Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of Defense +4–5 Defense Rating
of Stamina +4–5 Stamina
of the Bear +2–3 Stamina, +2–3 Strength
of the Boar +2–3 Strength, +2–3 Spirit
of the Eagle +2–3 Intellect, +2–3 Stamina
of the Gorilla +2–3 Intellect, +2–3 Strength
of the Monkey +2–3 Stamina, +2–3 Agility
of the Tiger +2–3 Strength, +2–3 Agility
of the Whale +2–3 Stamina, +2–3 Spirit
of Holy Wrath +6–7 Holy Spell Damage
 Listed by The Armory, but not Thottbot & Wowhead.

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