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Pandarian grummle
High among the cloud-topped mountains of Pandaria live the grummles. These simple, tiny humanoids are a humble folk content to wander and transport goods throughout the twisty, windy trails of the Kun-Lai Summit. In addition to their great knowledge of the mountains, the superstitious grummles rely on luck and good fortune to see them through the difficult high passes.
Grummles travel in packs. They do not have a centralized government so much as an arrangement of caravan masters who handle business. The grummles have a long-standing arrangement with the Shado-Pan which grants the grummles protection on the perilous mountain roads from predators, bandits, and hozen in exchange for transporting perishable goods to the great wall. This centuries-old trade route, known as the Burlap Trail, has been the source of much prosperity for both the Shado-Pan and the grummles.

The Grummle (pronounced "grumlee" or "grum-ul"?) are a squat, fur-covered race of creatures created by the Mogu as a slave race to haul things around as opposed to their other creations, the Saurok, who were created for fighting.[1] They have a resemblance to the larger pandaren in facial features and primarily live in Kun-Lai Summit.[2] They make good guides and are very strong for their size.[1] They often ask adventurers for help with their trade route that stretches across the subzone called the Burlap Trail[1] in Kun-Lai Summit.[2]

Some pandaren call them "mountain ferries" as they move goods around the hard to traverse areas in the mountains. They talk a lot about "luckydo" and how they have the ability to smell good luck. They trade in a coffee like good called Kafa and ask adventurers to do errands to clear the area of their natural enemies: a Pandarian sub-species of yeti, yaungol, and goats.[2]


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