Grooming for Ghouls
The Grooming for Ghouls is a book found in the Heart of Acherus in the Scarlet Enclave. [54, 35]
. It is on top of a crate near the large anvils.


Grooming for Ghouls

Grooming for Ghouls

Being A Manual on Debridement and Recycling


Wounds that bleed more than thrice daily should be bandaged. When selecting a type of cloth for your bandages, go with your preference. Many ghouls prefer Runecloth for its natural purple color which blends to a sickly maroon when soaked with blood. One cannot ignore the supremely stylish yellowing properties of simple linen, however. Experimentation is best!

Scabs and Sores

A crusted, festering wound is a great fashion statement and really helps convey your changing mood. Don't let it overstay its welcome, though! A scab unpicked is an opportunity wasted.


Oh, won't you just leave them be? They don't eat much, and their contributions to your pallid demeanor and overpowering stench are invaluable. If you should become colonized by bees or wasps, however, seek aid at the nearest slaughterhouse immediately.

Missing Limbs

Amidst the confusion of combat is the wrong time and place to replace a lost limb. Please make due with whatever you've got left. Your limb will be replaced with the best match we can find as soon as an acolyte can get a look at you. In a pinch, borrow a limb from a colleague!


To avoid any further premature devourings of scourge personnel, you may not eat anything until it has been dead on the ground for at least 5 seconds! The acolytes' bunks do not count as 'on the ground'!

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