Grimm Onearm is a goblin techno mage. The ".3" of the cabal, Grimm is a goblin who lost his right arm and leg in a rather impressive accident. He has prosthetic limbs that are made from metal, look exactly like flesh, and respond to his mind’s commands. Few other than other techno mages realize his limbs are not natural. Although he jokes he is only .3 of a member of the cabal, he still carries a lot of weight in the House of the Arcane Contraption. When not sailing his merchant ship up and down the coast, secretly smuggling Horde supplies to roguish Alliance groups who care not for the affiliation enmity and only want the goods, he spends his time at the House of the Arcane Contraption, training new techno mages. His merchant ship is called the Snarling Gribble Eel and is one of the fastest ships in the eastern sea. It runs on a complicated perpetual motion engine that is fueled by his will whenever he steps aboard.[1]

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