Grif Wildheart

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AllianceNPC 32Grif Wildheart
Grif Wildheart
Title <Hunter Trainer>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 10
Location Dun Morogh
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Grif Wildheart is a level 10 hunter trainer located in Kharanos, in the dwarven starting zone of Dun Morogh. He teaches new dwarf hunters the important skill of Beast Taming.

He starts the following quests:

See List of Dun Morogh NPCs.

Grif Wildheart is very likely to be the dwarf hunter from the opening cinematic. They're both dwarf hunters, have the same hair color and hair/beard style. Also, the fact that he's in Dun Morogh (a snowy area, just like the cinematic) helps support this beleif. Not only is this dwarf in the opening cinematic, but he's also in a ton of artwork, including the original WoW box cover.

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