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Neutral 32Grellkin
Race Grell (Demon)
Level 2-4
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shadowglen

Grellkin are a bit larger and more mischievous than grell. Grellkin use tactics similar to grell, though the occasional grellkin wields a manufactured weapon.MG 97

The grellkin have recently moved into Shadowglen. Tarindrella the dryad believes that the Fel Moss these grellkin carry has something to do the with corruption of Teldrassil and its creatures (see Official alliance mini-icon [3] The Woodland Protector (2)).

Notable Drops


Collect 8 [Fel Moss] and bring them to Tarindrella.
Collect 7 [Hyacinth Mushrooms], 4 [Moonpetal Lilies], and 1 [Webwood Ichor] for Dirania Silvershine in Shadowglen.

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