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AllianceNPC 32Grelin Whitebeard
Grelin Whitebeard
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 5
Location Coldridge Valley, Dun Morogh
Relative(s) Senir (brother)
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Grelin Whitebeard is a level 5 dwarf quest giver located in the dwarven starting area of Coldridge Valley in Dun Morogh. He is accompanied by an absent-minded apprentice.


A Letter to Grelin Whitebeard is forwarded to him from Talin Keeneye for the second part of the quest chain Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery. Grelin was sent here by the The Senate of Ironforge to "investigate the threat posed by the trolls" in Coldridge Valley, and this letter - signed by the King's own hand - orders Mr. Whitebeard to find an expedient solution to the problems.

Now Grelin and his brother Senir Whitebeard were sent out to deal with the trolls alone, because the Senate has its hands full dealing with just the troggs. The King seemed pretty vocal in his last dispatch and Grelin is no man to let his King down, so he finds a solution in local recruits.

Whitebeard sets adventurers out to slay the Frostmane Trolls that are inhabiting the caves of southern Coldridge Valley, and who have been leading some forays out of their area.

One night, such a foray stumbled upon Whitebeard's unattended camp and stole Grelin Whitebeard's Journal. The only thing he saw of the thief was that "it was a big brute with markings on his skin and face". This particular Troll turned out to be Grik'nir the Cold. After reobtaining his journal, Grelin finishes his report and - trusting the heroes more than his bumbling apprentice - sends them off to his brother in Kharanos with Grelin's Report.

Reading A Letter to Grelin Whitebeard, Grelin Whitebeard's Journal and Grelin's Report will provide more lore.


He starts the following quests:

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