Inv helmet 44

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This item is crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 245.

Materials Required
Inv misc leatherscrap 08
8x [Thick Leather]
Inv misc gem stone 01
3x [Jade]
Inv misc gem crystal 02
3x [Aquamarine]
Inv misc herb 08
2x [Heart of the Wild]
Inv misc herb 03
2x [Wildvine]

The schematic is taught by the Engineering trainers.

Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of Concentration +10 mana every 5 sec.
of Regeneration +6 health every 5 sec.
of Arcane Resistance +24-25 Arcane Resistance
of Fire Resistance +24-25 Fire Resistance
of Frost Resistance +24-25 Frost Resistance
of Nature Resistance +24-25 Nature Resistance
of Shadow Resistance +24-25 Shadow Resistance
of Shadow Wrath +34-36 Shadow Spell Damage
of Frozen Wrath +34-36 Frost Spell Damage
of Arcane Wrath +34-36 Arcane Spell Damage
of Nature's Wrath +34-36 Nature Spell Damage
of Fiery Wrath +34-36 Fire Spell Damage
of Holy Wrath +34-36 Holy Spell Damage
of Healing +28-29 Spell Damage
of Intellect +24-25 Intellect
of Stamina +24-25 Stamina
of the Whale +15-16 Spirit, +15-16 Stamina
of the Owl +15-16 Intellect, +15-16 Spirit
of the Eagle +15-16 Intellect, +15-16 Stamina

No longer creatable.

Stat LensesEdit

Up until Patch 1.3.0 'Stat Lenses' were able to be created. Stat lenses include: of Intellect, of Stamina, of the Whale, of the Owl, and of the Eagle variations. In Patch. 1.3.0, the ability to create these lenses was removed though all items created before the patch remained in-game. Therefore, Stat Lenses are incredibly rare and valuable to 39 twinks and collectors. Occasionally, Stat Lenses can bug causing them to show up as other variations (of Agility, of the Bear, etc.), however, these bugged lenses have no stats once equipped.

Patch changesEdit

WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.3.0 (07-Mar-2005): Green Lens now requires more ingredients to make, but has special effects rather than just stats on it.

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