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Inv enchant essenceeternallarge
  • Greater Eternal Essence
  • Item Level 55
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Use: Turn a greater eternal essence into three lesser ones.

Greater Eternal Essence is a magical essence of the Eternal plane.


This essence is obtained by disenchanting level 51 to 56 items of Uncommon quality. Usually more from weapons (75% chance) than from armor (20% chance).

Greater Eternal Essence as a Quest ObjectiveEdit

The essence is required to complete the quest The Ectoplasmic Distiller from Mux Manascrambler in Tanaris. This is part of the quest chain to convert Tier 0 to Tier 0.5.

Greater Eternal Essence as an IngredientEdit




  • Stacks to 10.

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