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The Great Royal Sword (aka the "blade of Stormwind") was a sword pledged to defend Azeroth, wielded by Anduin Lothar. It was a massive sword, the crosspiece huge and jeweled.[1] (LG 77) It has a rune-etched glittering blade.[2] (ToD #?)))​ When Lothar was defeated in combat by Orgrim Doomhammer, the sword was broken by the Doomhammer.[2] (ToD 352) The blade fell from his dead grasp, though it did not lie cold for long: it was taken up by Lothar's general, the young paladin Turalyon, who used it to defeat Doomhammer and rally the remaining Alliance forces to victory.[3] (HPG 171) The sword's current whereabouts are unknown, though it is possible Turalyon has continued to wield the sword to this day with the broken end of the blade repaired with a piece on light infused metal.[4]

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