The Great Forge

The Great Forge

The Great Forge is the heart and soul of dwarven culture, where all of their ingenious creations and weapons are made. At its center is the famed Great Anvil, where most of the best dwarven blacksmithing trainers can be found. Ringed around the Great Forge are a great deal of shops and guild offices, including trainers for cooking, mining, first aid, tailoring and leatherworking, as well as the High Seat, the court of the High King Magni Bronzebeard. Ironforge's gryphon master is also located here.

It was here, upon the The Great Anvil itself, that the legendary blade Ashbringer was forged by King Magni.

To get to the Great Forge, you can head northeast from the Commons, southeast from the Mystic Ward, northwest from the Military Ward, or southwest from the Hall of Explorers.

Shops Edit

Shops found on the outer edge of the Great Forge:

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